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Category:Natural Armor items

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Amulet of Natural ArmorRusted Crown

Hammer of LifeRing of Troll's Regeneration

Grim's BraceletHorseshoe Crab Shield (Level 7)Seal of the Earth

Chimera's CrownDragontouched ArmorDream EdgeShroud of the AbbotWall of WoodWall of Wood (level 15)Wall of Wood (level 16)

Crabshell BucklerEpic Chimera's CrownEpic Hammer of LifeHardened Hide HelmStolen NecklaceStolen Necklace (Level 14)Stolen Necklace (Level 15)Stolen Necklace (Level 16)Wall of WoodWall of Wood (level 17)Wall of Wood (level 22)

Epic Seal of the EarthFlightfoot GreavesPrismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 19)Twisthallow CloakVim and VigorWall of WoodWall of Wood (level 23)Wall of Wood (level 24)Ward-Inscribed Pendant

Giant's PlatterQuarantine

Guardian's Locket (Level 15)Standard Issue FaceplateWildwood Gauntlets

Epic Vim and VigorGuardian's Locket (Level 26)Stolen NecklaceStolen Necklace (Level 25)Stolen Necklace (Level 26)Stolen Necklace (Level 27)

Mythic Vim and VigorPrismatic Cloak, BluePrismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 28)Prismatic Cloak, GreenPrismatic Cloak, Green (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 28)Prismatic Cloak, GreyPrismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 28)Prismatic Cloak, RedPrismatic Cloak, Red (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 28)Prismatic Cloak, VioletPrismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 28)The Falling Darkness

Horseshoe Crab Shield (Level 26)

Machination of Madness

Dethek RunestoneDumathoin's BracersLegendary Hardened Hide

Arm of the AggressorLegendary Crabshell BucklerLegendary Flightfoot GreavesLegendary Giant's PlatterLegendary QuarantineLegendary Twisthallow CloakLegendary Ward-Inscribed Pendant

Fleetfoot Necklace

Legendary Standard Issue FaceplateLegendary Wildwood Gauntlets


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