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Category:Monsters in The Subterrane - Central

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The Subterrane - Central

Name(picture) CR Type Race
Ancient Beholder(view)
Ancient Beholder.jpg
 ♦20Normal Aberration Beholder
Ancient Drow Slave(view)
Ancient Drow Slave.jpg
 ♦20Normal Undead Spectre
Ancient Giant Hunter(view)
Ancient Giant Hunter.jpg
 ♦20Normal Undead Skeleton
Ancient Giant Priest(view)
Ancient Giant Priest.jpg
 ♦21Normal Undead Skeleton
Ancient Giant Warrior(view)
Ancient Giant Warrior.jpg
CRs missing! Undead Skeleton
Ancient Giant Wizard(view)
Ancient Giant Wizard.jpg
 ♦22Normal Undead Skeleton
Colonel Baktazudes(view)
Colonel Baktazudes.jpg
25 Evil Outsider Devil
Colonel Nuthdronu(view)
Colonel Nuthdronu.png
25 Evil Outsider Devil
Fiend-Blood Spider Queen(view)
Fiend-Blood Spider Queen.jpg
23 Magical Beast Fiendish Spider
Fiend-Blood Spider(view)
Fiend-Blood Spider.jpg
 ♦18Normal Magical Beast Fiendish Spider
Footman of Shavarath(view)
Footman of Shavarath.jpg
 ♦17Normal Native Outsider Tiefling
 ♦25Normal Undead Skeleton
Giant Skeleton Warrior(view)
Giant Skeleton Warrior.jpg
 ♥16Hard ♠19Elite Undead Skeleton
Hellcat of Shavarath(view)
Hellcat of Shavarath.jpg
22 Evil Outsider Devil
Hound of Shavarath(view)
Hound of Shavarath.png
18 Magical Beast Hellhound
Hunter of Shavarath(view)
Hunter of Shavarath.png
CRs missing! Reptilian Troglodyte
25 Undead Spectre
23 Reptilian Troglodyte
Living Chain Lightning(view)
Living Chain Lightning.jpg
 ♦18Normal Ooze Spell
Living Delayed Blast Fireball(view)
Living Delayed Blast Fireball.jpg
 ♦18Normal ♥20Hard ♠23Elite Ooze Spell
Living Destruction(view)
Living Destruction.jpg
 ♦18Normal Ooze Spell
Living Disintegrate(view)
Living Disintegrate.jpg
 ♦18Normal Ooze Spell
Living Finger of Death(view)
Living Finger of Death.jpg
 ♦18Normal Ooze Spell
Living Firestorm(view)
Living Firestorm.jpg
 ♦18Normal ♥20Hard ♠23Elite Ooze Spell
Living Harm(view)
Living Harm.jpg
 ♦18Normal Ooze Spell
Living Meteor Swarm(view)
Living Meteor Swarm.jpg
 ♦20Normal ♥22Hard ♠25Elite Ooze Spell
Ranger of Shavarath(view)
Ranger of Shavarath.jpg
 ♦17Normal Native Outsider Tiefling
Shaman of Shavarath(view)
Shaman of Shavarath.png
 ♦18Normal Reptilian Troglodyte
Shock Trooper of Shavarath(view)
Shock Trooper of Shavarath.jpg
 ♦21Normal Evil Outsider Devil
Siege Trooper of Shavarath(view)
Siege Trooper of Shavarath.jpg
 ♦21Normal Evil Outsider Devil
Soul Flayer(view)
Soul Flayer.jpg
 ♦18Normal Aberration Mind Flayer
Spellweaver of Shavarath(view)
Spellweaver of Shavarath.png
 ♦17Normal Native Outsider Tiefling
Stalker of Shavarath(view)
Stalker of Shavarath.png
 ♦18Normal Reptilian Troglodyte
CRs missing! Native Outsider Tiefling
Xorian Fire Fiend(view)
Xorian Fire Fiend.jpg
 ♦19Normal Evil Outsider Demon
Xorian Frost Fiend(view)
Xorian Frost Fiend.jpg
 ♦19Normal Evil Outsider Demon
Xorian Render(view)
Xorian Render.jpg
 ♦19Normal Evil Outsider Demon
Xoriat Orb(view)
Xoriat Orb.jpg
 ♦18Normal Aberration Beholder