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Category:Monsters in Smuggler's Rest

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Smuggler's Rest

Name(picture) CR Type Race
Bane Captain Bluebeard(view)
Bane Captain Bluebeard.jpg
 ♦23Normal Dwarf Dwarf
Bane Captain Jocasta the Plunderer(view)
Bane Captain Jocasta the Plunderer.jpg
 ♦23Normal Elf Elf
Bugbear Buccaneer(view)
Bugbear Buccaneer.jpg
 ♦13Normal Goblinoid Bugbear
Bugbear Chaplain(view)
Bugbear Chaplain.jpg
 ♦15Normal Goblinoid Bugbear
Bugbear Gunner(view)
Bugbear Gunner.jpg
 ♦14Normal Goblinoid Bugbear
Bugbear Navigator(view)
Bugbear Navigator.jpg
 ♦16Normal Goblinoid Bugbear
Captain Crushbuckler(view)
Captain Crushbuckler.jpg
 ♦33Normal Giant Ogre
Captain Hargo the Hammer(view)
Captain Hargo the Hammer.jpg
 ♦28Normal Orc Half-Orc
Dread Captain Arkon the Anvil(view)
Dread Captain Arkon the Anvil.jpg
 ♦23Normal Elf Elf
Dread Captain Crimson Anne(view)
Dread Captain Crimson Anne.jpg
 ♦23Normal Humanoid Human
Dread Captain Dar-Kol(view)
Dread Captain Dar-Kol.jpg
 ♦33Normal Giant Ogre
Dread Captain Shipwrecker(view)
Dread Captain Shipwrecker.jpg
 ♦28Normal Orc Half-Orc
Drow Bosun(view)
Drow Bosun.jpg
 ♦8Normal Elf Drow Elf
Drow Deckhand(view)
Drow Deckhand.jpg
 ♦5Normal Elf Drow Elf
Drow Fuselighter(view)
Drow Fuselighter.jpg
 ♦6Normal Elf Drow Elf
Drow Witchdoctor(view)
Drow Witchdoctor.jpg
 ♦7Normal Elf Drow Elf
Fierce Captain Takkaran(view)
Fierce Captain Takkaran.jpg
 ♦33Normal Giant Ogre
Half-Orc Buccaneer(view)
Half-Orc Buccaneer.jpg
 ♦22Normal Orc Half-Orc
Half-Orc Cannoneer(view)
Half-Orc Cannoneer.jpg
 ♦21Normal Orc Half-Orc
Half-Orc Grenadier(view)
Half-Orc Grenadier.jpg
 ♦25Normal Orc Half-Orc
Half-Orc Healer(view)
Half-Orc Healer.jpg
 ♦24Normal Orc Half-Orc
Half-Orc Swashbuckler(view)
Half-Orc Swashbuckler.jpg
 ♦23Normal Orc Half-Orc
Hobgoblin Grenadier(view)
Hobgoblin Grenadier.jpg
 ♦10Normal Goblinoid Hobgoblin
Hobgoblin Quartermaster(view)
Hobgoblin Quartermaster.jpg
 ♦12Normal Goblinoid Hobgoblin
Hobgoblin Sailor(view)
Hobgoblin Sailor.jpg
 ♦9Normal Goblinoid Hobgoblin
Hobgoblin Windcaller(view)
Hobgoblin Windcaller.jpg
 ♦11Normal Goblinoid Hobgoblin
Kobold Petty Officer(view)
Kobold Petty Officer.jpg
 ♦4Normal Reptilian Kobold
Kobold Powder Lackey(view)
Kobold Powder Lackey.jpg
 ♦2Normal Reptilian Kobold
Kobold Sea Witch(view)
Kobold Sea Witch.jpg
 ♦3Normal Reptilian Kobold
Kobold Swabbie(NoPic)
No pic.jpg
 ♦1Normal Reptilian Kobold
Minotaur Cannoneer(view)
Minotaur Cannoneer.jpg
 ♦18Normal Monstrous Humanoid Minotaur
Minotaur Marine(view)
Minotaur Marine.jpg
 ♦17Normal Monstrous Humanoid Minotaur
Minotaur Sailing Master(view)
Minotaur Sailing Master.jpg
 ♦20Normal Monstrous Humanoid Minotaur
Minotaur Wavefinder(view)
Minotaur Wavefinder.jpg
 ♦19Normal Monstrous Humanoid Minotaur
Ogre Bloodcaller(view)
Ogre Bloodcaller.jpg
 ♦27Normal Giant Ogre
Ogre Corsair(NoPic)
No pic.jpg
 ♦30Normal Giant Ogre
Ogre Firebomber(view)
Ogre Firebomber.jpg
 ♦26Normal Giant Ogre
Ogre Swashbuckler(view)
Ogre Swashbuckler.jpg
 ♦29Normal Giant Ogre
Ogre Warlock (pirate)(view)
Ogre Warlock (pirate).jpg
 ♦28Normal Giant Ogre
Pirate Captain Black-Sheep Omaren(view)
Pirate Captain Black-Sheep Omaren.jpg
 ♦23Normal Humanoid Human
Pirate Captain Goldhorn(view)
Pirate Captain Goldhorn.jpg
 ♦23Normal Humanoid Human
Pirate Captain Parr(view)
Pirate Captain Parr.jpg
 ♦28Normal Orc Half-Orc
Raider Captain Bloodblade(view)
Raider Captain Bloodblade.jpg
 ♦23Normal Humanoid Human
Raider Captain Redwing(view)
Raider Captain Redwing.jpg
CRs missing! Orc Half-Orc
Raider Captain Trollface Thom(view)
Raider Captain Trollface Thom.jpg
 ♦23Normal Humanoid Human
Rogue Captain Urkran(view)
Rogue Captain Urkran.jpg
 ♦33Normal Giant Ogre
Scourge Captain Blackhand(view)
Scourge Captain Blackhand.jpg
 ♦23Normal Elf Elf
Scourge Captain Silverlance(view)
Scourge Captain Silverlance.jpg
 ♦23Normal Elf Elf
Scourge Captain Skaraggh(view)
Scourge Captain Skaraggh.jpg
 ♦33Normal Giant Ogre
Scourge Captain Skyhunter(view)
Scourge Captain Skyhunter.jpg
 ♦28Normal Orc Half-Orc