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Category:Monster Manual/Lich

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Name CR Farm Locations
Lady Vol
Lady Vol.jpg
 ♦39Icon tooltip.pngEpic Normal
 ♦23Icon tooltip.pngNormal
Sovan Soulstealer
Sovan Soulstealer.jpg
 ♦15Icon tooltip.pngNormal
Absent-minded Lich
Absent-minded Lich.jpg
 ♦35Icon tooltip.pngEpic Normal
Kirmudy the Bleak
Kirmudy the Bleak.jpg
 ♦10Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♥12Icon tooltip.pngHard ♠15Icon tooltip.pngElite ♦38Icon tooltip.pngEpic Normal
Challenge Level +2
Vladislav the Enduring
Vladislav the Enduring.png
 ♦14Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♠19Icon tooltip.pngElite
Black Abbot
Black Abbot.png
 ♦24Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♥26Icon tooltip.pngHard ♠29Icon tooltip.pngElite (Scales as of U12)
Calliphor Validus
Calliphor Validus 01.jpg
 ♠20Icon tooltip.pngElite
King Raiyum
King Raiyum.jpg
 ♦16Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♥18Icon tooltip.pngHard ♠21Icon tooltip.pngElite ♦24Icon tooltip.pngEpic Normal ♥33Icon tooltip.pngEpic Hard ♠50Icon tooltip.pngEpic Elite
Midnight Lich
Midnight Lich.jpg
 ♦24Icon tooltip.pngNormal
Night Lich
Night Lich.jpg
 ♦22Icon tooltip.pngNormal
Sor'jek Incanni (lich)
Sor'jek Incanni (Lich).jpg
 ♦28Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♠38Icon tooltip.pngElite

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