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Category:Monster Manual/Dwarf

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Name Image Farm Locations
Aurum Agent Aurum Agent.jpg
Aurum Concordian Aurum Concordian.jpg
Aurum Soldier No pic.jpg
Aurum Supply Master Aurum Supply Master.jpg
Bane Captain Bluebeard Bane Captain Bluebeard.jpg
Barris Bluebeard Amanatu No pic.jpg
Boatswain (Dwarf) Boatswain (dwarf).jpg
Bororo Orehelm Rare Encounter Bororo Orehelm.jpeg
Bram Brimstone Bram Brimstone.jpg
Burno Vass Burno Vass.jpg
Cartel Sentry (Dwarf) No pic.jpg
Charlatan (monster) Charlatan (Monster).jpg
Cutthroat Cutthroat.jpg
Daredin Daredin.jpg
Disciple Watchman Disciple Watchman.jpg
Dranem Otoh Rare Encounter Dranem Otoh.jpeg
Duergar Acolyte Duergar Acolyte.jpg
Duergar Apprentice Duergar Apprentice.jpg
Duergar Assassin No pic.jpg
Duergar Bandit Duergar Bandit.jpg
Duergar Barbarian Duergar Barbarian.jpg
Duergar Barbarian Shaman Duergar Barbarian Shaman.jpg
Duergar Bard Duergar Bard.png
Duergar Bishop No pic.jpg
Duergar Blackguard Duergar Blackguard.png
Duergar Blacksmith Duergar Blacksmith.jpg
Duergar Bruiser Duergar Bruiser.jpg
Duergar Champion Duergar Champion.jpg
Duergar Death Priest Duergar Death Priest.jpg
Duergar Engineer Duergar Engineer.png
Duergar Foreman Duergar Foreman.png
Duergar Guard Duergar Guard.jpg
Duergar Kidnapper Duegar Kidnapper.jpg
Duergar Laborer Duergar Laborer.png
Duergar Miner Duergar Miner.png
Duergar Necromancer Duergar Necromancer.png
Duergar Scout Duergar Scout.png
Duergar Shotfirer Duergar Shotfirer.jpg
Duergar Spellsword Duergar Spellsword.png
Duergar Summoner Duergar Summoner.jpg
Duergar Surveyor Duergar Surveyor.png
Duergar Taskmaster Duegar Taskmaster.jpg
Duergar Thrall Monster Duergar Thrall.jpeg
Duergar Warrior Duergar Warrior.png
Duergar Worker Duergar Worker.png
Duncan the Wayfarer Duncan the Wayfarer.jpg
Dwarf Acolyte Dwarf Acolyte.jpg
Dwarf Apprentice Dwarf Apprentice.jpg
Dwarf Barbarian Shaman Dwarf Barbarian Shaman.jpg
Dwarf Bard Dwarf Bard.jpg
Dwarf Commoner Dwarf Commoner.jpg
Dwarf Fighter/Wizard Dwarf Fighter Wizard.jpg
Dwarf Hunter Dwarf Hunter.jpg
Dwarf Man-at-Arms Dwarf Man-at-Arms.jpg
Dwarf Necromancer Dwarf Necromancer.jpg
Dwarf Priest Dwarf Priest.jpg
Dwarf Thug Dwarf Thug.jpg
Dwarven Miner Dwarven Miner.jpg
Dwarven Thrall Dwarven Thrall.jpg
Edgan Nightforge Edgan Nightforge.jpg
Expedition Leader Brazwold Expedition Leader Brazwold.jpg
Foreman Tanrel Foreman Tanrel.jpg
Goethe Grimiron Goethe Grimiron.jpg
Gold Concord Cleric Gold Concord Cleric.jpg
Gold Concord Fighter Gold Concord Fighter.jpg
Gold Concord Wizard Gold Concord Wizard.jpg
Griel Nightforge Griel Nightforge.jpg
Haywire Haywire.jpg
Hilda Bronzefist No pic.jpg
Jonesy the Round Jonesy the Round.jpg
Kidnapper Nartor Kidnapper Nartor.jpg
King Dolgrim Nightforge King Dolgrim Nightforge.jpg
Krona Vaelkind No pic.jpg
Lirange the Oracle No pic.jpg
Malachi the Breaker Malachi the Breaker.jpg
Mars the Dynamo No pic.jpg
Otto Knucklebones Otto Knucklebones.jpg
Overseer Drukh Overseer Drukh.jpg
Overseer Heggir Overseer Heggir.jpg
Overseer Nifnin Overseer Nifnin.jpg
Patrick the Maniacal Patrick the Maniacal.jpg
Pirate Cannoneer (Dwarf) No pic.jpg
    Prelate Abiram No pic.jpg
    Shady Character Shady Character.png
    Shanty Singer (Dwarf) No pic.jpg
    Syndicate Devotee Syndicate Devotee.jpg
    Taskmaster Erastus Taskmaster Erastus.jpg
    Taskmaster Neriah Taskmaster Neriah.jpg
    Technician (monster) Technician (monster).jpg
    Tinius the White No pic.jpg
    Voidmind Kundarak Noble Voidmind Kundarak Noble.png
    Xerxes Earthfist No pic.jpg
    Ydriss Hornhelm Ydriss Hornhelm.jpg

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