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Category:Incite items

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Dragontouched ArmorEpic Brawn's SpiritsEpic Chimera's FangVengeful Protector

Bellow's RingBrawn's SpiritsBrigand's CutlassBrigand's Cutlass (level 4)

Severlin's Iron FistsSeverlin's Iron Fists (level 5)

Axe of FamineBrigand's CutlassBrigand's Cutlass (Level 16)Dragontouched ArmorEpic Brigand's Cutlass (Level 20)Epic Chimera's Fang

Brigand's CutlassBrigand's Cutlass (level 8)

Plateshard BeltSeverlin's Iron FistsSeverlin's Iron Fists (level 10)Warsword Shield

Adamantine Cloak of the BearBrigand's CutlassCircle of HatredDragontouched ArmorEpic Brigand's Cutlass (Level 20)Epic Brigand's Cutlass (Level 24)Epic Chimera's FangEpic Hellstroke Great AxeFabricator's BracersIron Cloak of the BearMaul of MaliceMithral Cloak of the BearPrisoner's ManaclesPrisoner's Manacles (Level 14)Prisoner's Manacles (Level 15)

Bracers of the ClawEpic Bracers of the ClawEpic Gem of Many FacetsEpic Gloves of the ClawGloves of the Claw

Brigand's CutlassBrigand's Cutlass (level 12)

Severlin's Iron FistsSeverlin's Iron Fists (level 15)Standard Issue Faceplate

Brigand's CutlassBrigand's Cutlass (level 16)

Brigand's CutlassCircle of HatredEpic Brigand's Cutlass (level 20)Epic Brigand's Cutlass (Level 24)Prisoner's ManaclesPrisoner's Manacles (Level 16)Prisoner's Manacles (Level 25)Prisoner's Manacles (Level 26)Prisoner's Manacles (Level 27)Severlin's Iron FistsSeverlin's Iron Fists (level 20)

Epic Brigand's Cutlass (level 24)

Severlin's Iron FistsSeverlin's Iron Fists (level 25)

Severlin's Iron FistsSeverlin's Iron Fists (level 30)

Circle of MalevolenceEpic Brigand's Cutlass (level 28)

Gauntlets of the Aggressor

Legendary Plateshard BeltLegendary Warsword Shield

Legendary Standard Issue Faceplate

Citadel’s Gaze


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