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Blood of Vol

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The Blood of Vol is a predominantly human religion that is centered on the belief of the Divinity Within, which means that the Blood of Vol does not revere any deity but the blood that courses though their own veins. Only by embracing the potential power of their blood may they avoid Dolurrh's gray wasteland and live in an afterlife crafted by the individuals own abilities, a place of eternal happiness.

While the followers of The Blood of Vol are often distrusted by members of other faiths because of rumors that they worship the dead, the members are not evil. This is widely misunderstood due to the fact that the teachings are dark and driven. While no longer evil presumed evil, the members of The Blood of Vol are Neutral and follow these exhortations:

  • Believe in yourself: "As the blood is the power, and the blood flows through me, the power is mine."
  • Work to improve yourself and your capabilities. A complete understanding of divinity within opens the door to immortality.
  • Meet with others of The Blood of Vol to share in the power of each other's blood.

Those of The Blood of Vol are entranced by the meaning of blood, both literal and figurative, as well as heredity. To them, blood is the source of power and the divine, and only through understanding that power is within and not without or through an illusionary otherworldly power can one focus on day-to-day activities and self-improve and ultimately obtain immortality. For if one is strong enough, he may be able to master the source of life and abilities that come from within him and his blood.

Icon Feat Follower of the Blood of Vol.png
Follower of the Blood of Vol


You follow the Blood of Vol. You are proficient with Daggers and gain +1 to hit with them.

Icon Feat The Blood is The Life.png
The Blood is The Life


You are a devoted follower of The Blood of Vol, and your zeal has been rewarded. Activate this ability to draw upon the power within your own blood for 24 seconds plus 6 seconds per Religious Lore feat you have. In this state, you gain +4 Constitution, 100% Fortification, +10 to Fortitude Saves, and PRR and MRR equal to the number of Religious Lore feats you have. While in this state and have a Dagger in your main hand, you also gain Vampirism, stacking with other sources of Vampirism.

History shield-book-sword.png
History shield-book-sword.png
This page is about a feat that no longer exists in-game.  It has been replaced by Child of Faith.
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Icon Feat Follower of the Blood of Vol.png
Child of the Blood of Vol


You follow the Blood of Vol. You gain +2 to attack and damage rolls with Daggers.

Icon Feat Follower of the Blood of Vol.png
Beloved of the Blood of Vol


You follow the Blood of Vol. You have +3 to attack and damage rolls with daggers.