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Blood Rage

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Blood Rage

Effect: Anytime you are hit there is a chance that you will fall into a Blood Rage. Blood Rage gives up to a +8 bonus to Strength and Constitution but will also cause short periods of lethargy when your lust for blood becomes sated.

There are three levels of the rage:

When Bloodrage 1 ends, it turns into Bloodrage 2. When Bloodrage 2 ends, it turns into Bloodrage 3. All 3 levels can be active at the same time for a total of +8 to strength and constitution. Acquiring a new copy of a Bloodrage level that is already active refreshes the duration of that level. There is a 100% chance when hit by a melee or ranged attack of acquiring Bloodrage 1.

So to acquire all three levels of Bloodrage, you need to first acquire Bloodrage 1, allow it to turn to Bloodrage 2, acquire another Bloodrage 1, allow Bloodrage 2 to turn to Bloodrage 3 and Bloodrage 1 to turn to Bloodrage 2, and finally acquire another Bloodrage 1.

When a Bloodrage 3 ends, it turns into "Bloodrage Sated: Melee and Ranged attacks are slowed 50%". This lasts for 12 seconds and lowers your melee and ranged attack speeds by 25% despite stating 50%. There is absolutely no way to prevent or remove this effect, you WILL suffer from it if you wear an item with the blood rage effect. (Tested after U19)
Found on: (4) Blood Rage items:

Notes: Uncenters you and prevents spellcasting and the use of various spell-like abilities, clicky use and entering a barbarian rage. Bonus applies if you are already enraged.