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Blinding Flash

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Blinding Flash (spell effect)

Blinding Flash.png
Name: Blinding Flash
Caster level: 5
Charge: 3/day
Target: Foe, Directional, Breakable
Duration: 6 seconds
School: Evocation
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Found on:

Blinds targets with a globe of searing radiance. Fortitude save negates this effect. This effect is unlikely to land on mid-high level monsters due to its very low DC.

Blinding Flash

Effect: This weapon glows with a white radiance. If you roll a 20 when attacking and confirm the critical hit, the target will become blinded by a burst of high-intensity light.

Found on: (13) Blinding Flash items:

Notes: DC 35 Fortitude save negates the effect. Lasts for 9 seconds.