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Ashok Khalidan

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Ashok Khalidan.jpg

Type: Undead (List)

Race: Wraith (List)

Monster Manual classification: Wraith

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Boss: Orange Named - Mini boss

CR:  ♠17Icon tooltip.pngElite

Attack: Slam (Bludgeoning), Wraith's Lingering Touch

Special Qualities: Incorporeal, See Invisibility

Habitat: Purge the Fallen Shrine — Final boss

Description: After defeating him, his spirit calms down and assumes his living appearance.

Human Ghost form
  • Ashok Khalidan: A thousand blessings to you, <class>. Thanks to your courage, I am now free to leave this wretched place. My honor is restored and my spirit no longer suffers torment at the hands of those vile beings.
    • You: This place served as your prison, spirit. Tell me what you did to deserve such a fate.
      • Ashok Khalidan: My family cursed me for a betrayal I did not commit and bound my darker side to this so-called 'shrine.' I did indeed join the Wizard-King's army but only to save my wife and children from harm -- Raiyum threatened to kill them if I refused. I had no other choice, so serve him I did. O, to my eternal shame....
        • You: How did you serve Raiyum?
          • Ashok Khalidan: I was a great warrior, you know. A hero, like you. King Raiyum desired my skills be put to his own evil ends and so I served him as his royal assassin. Many fell to my blade. My only consolation is that their hearts were as black as Raiyum's own. Once, he had me kill his own son. His own son!The only ones he trusted at all were those vile snakes, Kourush and Rahmat.
        • You: What about those demons?
          • Ashok Khalidan: Raiyum practiced dark magic and commanded a vast array of servants from here and beyond. Even in death his legions are mighty. They seek dominion over all these lands and those yet unknown. The efreeti, the burning ones... even his consort, Lailat of the Six Swords. She sent those demons to... retrieve me, to serve her will forevermore.
        • You: What now?
          • Ashok Khalidan: Find my descendents, if they live. Speak to them of my imprisonment and tell them I am sorry for what I have done. There can be no true absolution without their forgiveness. Please, I beg you.
            • You: Your tale moves me, Ashok. I will seek out your family and tell them the truth. (Finish quest)
    • You: Leave the ghost of Ashok Khalidan (Walk away)