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I killed those giants, and now I am going to kill YOU!

Type: Dragon (List)

Race: Green Dragon (List)

Monster Manual classification: Dragon

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Color Type: Red - Strong Named Enemy

Rare: Yes

CR:  ●28Epic

Attack: Bite (Piercing), Claw (Slashing), Green Dragon Poison Breath, Shock and Awe, Wing Buffet

Special Qualities: Immune to acid

Habitat: Ruins of Gianthold (epic) — on the road to Madstone crater. If you see a chest approach with caution as Arkelon and its 2 giant guardians are in wait nearby. Be advised that once down to less than 20% HP it will take to the air breathing acid upon the hapless person or party, ranged attacks or ray spells will come in useful. He can spawn at any time in any location. The chest may or may not be visible but a rushing sound similar to that of the dragon in Market Place will give you a slight moments warning. Look up he is coming in. Also at times a light orange marker will show on map indicating the location if it has been triggered.

Description: Not as fast or awe inspiring as the dragons that we've come to know in far off lands such as Faerûn, but powerful enough in its own right. Its acid breath attack will adhere to you much like an acid arrow and will cover the ground similar to cloud-kill or acid fog spell, but thicker. This dragon loves its breath weapon attack, though wing buffets and tail sweeps will keep the unwary on their backside looking up as it pounces in for the kill.