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Archbishop Dryden

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Archbishop Dryden.jpg

Name: Archbishop Dryden

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): Return to the Sanctuary, Endgame: Marguerite

Receives Quest(s): Setting the Wards: The Patriarchs' Crypt

Affiliation(s): The Silver Flame

Location: Dryden's Chamber, top floor of The Catacombs

Description: Dryden is the highest rank representative of the Church of the Silver Flame in Stormreach.

Dryden' Chamber[edit]

Here, at the center of his power, Archbishop Dryden's authority is unquestioned.

  • To speak with Archbishop Dryden you enter a "gofer" type quest named "Seek Dryden's Counsel". This quest is not listed in the Adventure Compendium
  • Depending on the progress you get different answers from the Archbishop


Before being sent to him by Friar Renau[edit]

  • Archbishop Dryden: My time is not yours to waste, child.
  • Archbishop Dryden: If you have no business with me, be so kind as to remove yourself from these chambers.

Bestowing Return to the Sanctuary[edit]

  • Archbishop Dryden: We do not grant audiences lightly, child.
  • Archbishop Dryden: Every moment is precious. We trust that the reason you are here is urgent?
  • You: The Sanctuary has been invaded by undead -- all the inmates are dead. Your daughter left a note saying that she has "gone below."
  • Archbishop Dryden: Gone below? Undead?! How could this happen!?
  • Archbishop Dryden: You must search for survivors, for a witness to what occurred!
  • Archbishop Dryden: Return to the Sanctuary and search Miron's Ward, where the most irredeemable inmates were kept. If anyone survived, you will find them there.
  • Archbishop Dryden: The Ward is locked, but the warden kept a spare key in a secret room in the Sanctuary's north wing.
    • You: Very well. I'll find someone who can tell us what happened. (Advance quest)
    • You: Why not send one of your guards?
      • Archbishop Dryden: The situation of my daughter is a ... delicate and very private matter. I regret to say there are politics in play, even in a place of faith like this. I beg your help and your discretion.
      • Archbishop Dryden: You are clearly strong and capable.
      • Archbishop Dryden: I would sooner trust my daughter's safety to you. I promise you ample reward, both monetary and political, if you go to the Sanctuary and locate a witness to what occurred and report to me.
    • You: Perhaps the undead broke in from the lower crypts.
      • Archbishop Dryden: You suggest that the Church of the Silver Flame permits undead in its crypts?
      • Archbishop Dryden: These Catacombs are blessed. Consecrated!
      • Archbishop Dryden: No, you must return to the Sanctuary and locate a witness who can speak of what actually transpired.
  • Over head: My right hand, Bishop Graylight will check on your progress shortly. You may relay messages to me through him if needed.
  • Over head: Speak to no one else of this, and may the Flame be with you.

While Return to the Sanctuary is bestowed[edit]

  • Archbishop Dryden: Have you not found a witness to what occurred in the Sanctuary yet?
  • Archbishop Dryden: We would remind you that dallying could cost my daughter her life.

After completion of Return to the Sanctuary[edit]

if you skipped story progession with Thaddeus Graylight:

  • Archbishop Dryden: You have found a witness? What did this Fitzwood have to say?
  • Archbishop Dryden: He mentioned the Duality? This is disturbing news.
  • Archbishop Dryden: Here, take a reward for your service, and then we shall discuss the Duality.
  • Archbishop Dryden: The Duality may very well be responsible for die undead you encountered.
  • Archbishop Dryden: The Duality is a corruption of everything the Silver Flame stands for. It's a heresy put forth by a cult called the Whispering Flame, who followed a twisted belief in the Demon that Tirah defeated in the days of our founding.
  • Archbishop Dryden: Guillaume, our Head Librarian, consigned the book describing the Duality to the Library Archives. If the undead are to be stopped ... and if my daughter is to be found ... then you must retrieve the book at once.
    • You: I shall go find the book right now.

While The Old Archives is bestowed[edit]

  • Archbishop Dryden: It is imperative that you hurry.
  • Archbishop Dryden: Retrieve the book from the Library Archives, before we are overrun with undead and my daughter is lost forever.

After completion of The Old Archives[edit]

if you skipped story progession with Thaddeus Graylight:

  • Archbishop Dryden: The book ... This is it! Now, let us see what these heretics have to say.
  • Archbishop Dryden: Bah, rambling nonsense and heresy! ... Wait, what's this? By the flame! Gerard's name. He was part of this cult?
  • Archbishop Dryden: My uncle Gerard is buried here. If my uncle was part of this darkness, he may ... be among the undead himself. Indeed, he may be author of all of our woes.
  • Archbishop Dryden: Our next step should be to investigate the Dryden Family Tomb.
    • You: I shall investigate the crypt at once.

While The Crypt of Gerard Dryden is bestowed[edit]

  • Archbishop Dryden: The entrance to Dryden Family Tomb can be accessed from the main hall.
  • Archbishop Dryden: Quickly, with each moment you waste the Duality brings forth more undead, and the chances of finding my daughter grow slimmer and slimmer!

After completion of The Crypt of Gerard Dryden[edit]

if you skipped story progession with Thaddeus Graylight:

  • Archbishop Dryden: You finished your search of Gerard's tomb?
  • Archbishop Dryden: All, I see. Missing you say? Unfortunate. Still, such bravery deserves a reward.
  • Archbishop Dryden: Take something from my coffers. Then we will discuss what you have learned.
    • You: Very well.
  • Archbishop Dryden: Did you find Gerard among the undead?
  • Archbishop Dryden: Hmm. No body .... Could it be that my uncle shuffles like one of the unliving, seeking our destruction even now?
  • Archbishop Dryden: Bah! A question to be answered later.
  • Archbishop Dryden: Things have grown even more dire. While you toiled in my uncle's tomb I sent some of my best Templars into the Patriarchs' Crypt to check on the hallowed shrines of our forebears, as well as the wards in the Lower Cathedral.
  • Archbishop Dryden: They found corruption, darkess and death. I require your aid again, adventurer.
    • You: How can I help?
  • Archbishop Dryden: You must enter the Lower Cathedral and light the flames that once burned for this temple's founders. Only then will the way into the Patriarchs' Crypt open.
  • Archbishop Dryden: There you will find the wards. Restore them if you can. That is your first priority.
  • Archbishop Dryden: Your second goal is to find my daughter. The few Templars who survived said they found tracks in the dust before the undead attacked. I fear the worst.
    • You: Fear not. I shall see it done.

While one of "Setting the Wards" is bestowed[edit]

  • Archbishop Dryden: You must go through the Lower Cathedral to reach the Patriarchs' Crypt, and restore the temple wards.
  • Archbishop Dryden: Look for signs of Marguerite if you have time.

After completion of Setting the Wards: The Patriarchs' Crypt[edit]

  • Archbishop Dryden: You are alive! Where my Templars failed, you succeed.
  • Archbishop Dryden: The wards have been restored, I assume. But tell me ... Did you see Marguerite?
  • You: Yes. She is possessed by some kind of Demon. I barely escaped with my life.
  • Archbishop Dryden: Alas, my poor daughter! I now suspect that the spirit of my uncle has haunted her for many years. It would explain so much. Her nightmares, her suffering ....
  • Archbishop Dryden: Gerard's lingering spirit and his cult's dark designs have claimed another victim ... one dear to my heart.
  • Archbishop Dryden: But for now we must be strong, my friend. Here, claim your reward. Then I have one last task for you.
    • You: Very well.

While Endgame: Marguerite is bestowed[edit]

  • Archbishop Dryden: We will hold out against the undead army as long as we can.
  • Archbishop Dryden: Our only chance is for you to find Marguerite in the Eastern Catacombs. Kill her quickly and mercifully, but do not fail!

Within Endgame: The Archbishop's Fate[edit]

  • Archbishop Dryden: (The Archbishop seems pale and shaken)
  • Archbishop Dryden: What news do you bring? Why is Bishop Graylight not with you?
    • You: Graylight was behind the undead all along.
  • Archbishop Dryden: H-How.... do you know this?
  • Archbishop Dryden: (The Archbishop trembles. You're not sure whether it's with anger, or with fear.)
    • You: He told me before he tried to kill me. (Explain what you know)
  • Archbishop Dryden: I... I .. didn't know this was going to happen. You have to believe me!
  • Archbishop Dryden: (Dryden's eyes dart from side to side, as if he's looking for someone)
  • Archbishop Dryden: You must leave... before he ....
  • Archbishop Dryden: (Dryden stares to the left, as if he's seen something terrifying.)
    • You: What are yon looking at? or
    • You: Graylight's master is here, isn't he?
  • Archbishop Dryden (over head): Uncle! Don't kill me! I tried! I tried!

After completion but before returning to Friar Renau[edit]

  • Archbishop Dryden: You have freed me of Gerard's vile influence.
  • Archbishop Dryden: Now you must inform Friar Renau outside in the Stormreach Market. My shameful part in this story is done - but you have a reward yet to claim.

After taking the reward for the story arc[edit]

  • Archbishop Dryden: Ah, it's you. I hoped you would return.
  • Archbishop Dryden: When I think of what I almost did, what might have become of my sweet Marguerite ... It's too much. Do not fret over me. I shall recover in time.
  • Archbishop Dryden: Still, the Dryden name shall never regain its lost glory. I accept that now. I will strive only to do good, in the name of the Silver Flame. My thanks to you, friend. You have saved my daughter's soul, and mine.