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Arcane Lore

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History shield-book-sword.png
This page is about a subject that no longer exists in-game.
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Arcane Lore gives bonus spell critical chance and spell critical multiplier to all spells. Notably, this is the only way to gain spell critical strike with spells of unusual damage type, such as the bludgeoning damage from Ice Storm, or the slashing damage from Blade Barrier. All damage spells, including healing and repair spells are affected by Arcane lore.

Like other lore effects, this bonus stacks with similar enhancements.

Table: Spell Lore
Name % Chance to Critical Critical Damage Multiplier
Lesser Arcane Lore +6% +0.00x
Arcane Lore +6% +0.25x
Greater Arcane Lore +9% +0.25x
(Major Arcane Lore) (+9%) (+0.50x)
(Superior Arcane Lore) (+12%) (+0.50x)

Arcane Lore[edit]

Greater Arcane Lore[edit]

Major Arcane Lore[edit]


Superior Arcane Lore currently do not exist in game. Also, it should be noted that the Archmage set bonus (Rahkir's Sash and Rahkir's Ring) includes a +0.50x increase to critical damage multiplier for all spells. By having both Greater Arcane Lore and this set bonus, you virtually benefit from Major Arcane Lore, which is +9% and +0.50x.

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