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Adventure Pack Icon Gallery

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Naming Scheme: "<Exact Name of Pack> adpack icon.jpg" ex. "The Seal of Shan-To-Kor adpack icon.jpg" to be able to use {{{{subst:uc:s}}ubst:PAGENAME}} in most cases

Lowest Level > Highest level

Adventure Packs

Level 1 - 5

The Catacombs adpack icon
The Seal of Shan-To-Kor adpack icon
Tangleroot Gorge adpack icon
The Sharn Syndicate adpack icon
Three-Barrel Cove adpack icon
Phiarlan Carnival adpack icon
The Necropolis, Part 1 adpack icon
Delera's Tomb adpack icon

Level 6 - 10

Sentinels of Stormreach adpack icon
Sorrowdusk Isle adpack icon
Devil Assault adpack icon
The Temple of Elemental Evil adpack icon
The Necropolis, Part 2 adpack icon
Ruins of Threnal adpack icon
The Vault of Night adpack icon
The Red Fens adpack icon
The Restless Isles adpack icon
Demon Sands adpack icon
Dragonblood Prophecy adpack icon
White Plume Mountain and Other Tales adpack icon

Level 11 - 15

The Necropolis, Part 3 adpack icon
Attack on Stormreach adpack icon
Ruins of Gianthold adpack icon
The Necropolis, Part 4 adpack icon
Harbinger of Madness adpack icon
Trials of the Archons adpack icon
The Devil's Gambit adpack icon
The Mines of Tethyamar adpack icon
Mists of Ravenloft adpack icon

Level 16 - 20

The Vale of Twilight adpack icon
The Druid's Deep adpack icon
The Reaver's Reach adpack icon
Reign of Madness adpack icon
The Path of Inspiration adpack icon
The Dreaming Dark adpack icon
Secrets of the Artificers adpack icon
The Devils of Shavarath adpack icon
Web of Chaos adpack icon
Heart of Madness adpack icon

Level 21 - 30 (Epic)

The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar adpack icon
The High Road of Shadows adpack icon
Shadow Under Thunderholme adpack icon

Level 11 + (Legendary)

No Legendary only packs.


Vaults of the Artificers adpack icon
Eveningstar Challenge Pack adpack icon


Event and festival adpack icon
Home MotU.png
:File:Menace of the Underdark adpack icon.jpg]]

File:Home MotU.png]]
Shadowfell Conspiracy adpack icon

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