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Young Beholder

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Young Beholder.jpg

Type: Aberration (List)

Race: Beholder (List)

Monster Manual classification: Beholder

Alignment: Unknown

Rare: No

Organization: Usually solitary

Attack: Ten eye-rays, each of which can kill or disable a character who fails a saving throw.

Special Qualities: Extraplanar (from Xoriat); Uses an Anti-magic cone, which prevents spellcasting and removes ongoing spells (which includes turning summoned creatures against you)

  • Acute Delirium — CR  ♦NormalNormal ♥HardHard ♠EliteElite
  • Delirium — CR  ♦NormalNormal ♥HardHard ♠EliteElite
  • In the Flesh — CR  ♦NormalNormal ♥HardHard ♠17Elite

Description: Basically a smaller beholder, with less HP. Its small size can make it stay unnoticed until the first strike.