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User:Technical 13

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About Me

19,176 edits and counting!
Monster Lich.jpg
You are thee legendary master of the dark side!!!

Technical 13 has more than 10,000 edits - keep up the good work!

This user is a grammar Nazi.
User since.svg.png This user has been on DDO wiki since:
November 14, 2009.

User since.svg.png This user has been a VIP on DDO wiki since:
April 4, 2011.

User since.svg.png This user has been an Administrator on DDO wiki since:
April 13, 2011.

User since.svg.png This user has been a Bureaucrat on DDO wiki since:
January 2, 2012.

Unbalanced scales.svg.png This user strives to maintain a policy of neutrality on controversial issues.

EW0 This user does not wish to be involved in any edit wars.

Stop hand.svg.png This user maintains a strict policy advising against all personal attacks.

~~~~ This user signs his posts and thinks you should too!

'15 Technical 13 is a member of the 2015 DDO Players Council.

Adventure Packs

Adpack catacombs.jpg The Catacombs
(levels 3-4)
Adpack stk.jpg The Seal of Shan-To-Kor
(levels 3-5)
Adpack sharn.jpg The Sharn Syndicate
(level 4)
Adpack necro1.jpg The Necropolis part 1
(levels 5-6)
Adpack 3barrelcove.jpg Three-Barrel Cove
(levels 5-7 / 25)
Adpack delera.jpg Delera's Tomb
(levels 5-11)
Adpack devil assault.jpg Devils Assault
(levels 6-18) / 21
AdpackIcon SentinelsOfStormreach.png Sentinels of Stormreach
(levels 7-8)
Adpack necro2.jpg The Necropolis part 2
(levels 8-9)
Adpack threnal.jpg Ruins of Threnal
(levels 8-10)
Adpack DemonSands.jpg Demon Sands
(levels 10-12)
Adpack necro3.jpg The Necropolis part 3
(levels 11-12)
Adpack SiegeOfStormreach.png Attack on Stormreach
(level 13)
Adpack gianthold.jpg Gianthold
(levels 13-14 / 24-25)
Adpack necro4.jpg The Necropolis part 4
(levels 14-17 / 28-30)
Adpack valeoftwilight.jpg The Vale of Twilight
(levels 16-18)
Adpack Reaver's Refuge.jpg Reaver's Reach
(level 17)
80px High Road
(level 18-24)
Logo DDOMotU.png Menace of the Underdark
(levels 16-25)
Logo DDOSC.jpg Shadowfell Conspiracy
(levels 16-27)
80px Shadow Under Thunderholme
(levels 29-30)

Contact Me

Feel free to post a message or a critique of my contributions on my Talk Page.
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