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You can trade unbound items and equipment with any player character that you meet in the game. If you are looking to trade a specific item, you can often find that item (or someone who wants yours) by posting a notice in the /trade channel.

To trade with a character, get close to them, target them and click on the Trade icon in the Focus Orb, or right-click and select "Trade". This will open a window showing two panels: "My Offer" and "(their name's} Offer".

Drag items from your inventory into the My Offer panel. You can also trade money by clicking in the coin amount boxes and typing in the number of coins you want to trade. Once each player has added the items and money they want to the trade window, each player must click on the "Accept" button to complete the transaction (your/their Trade window will glow green-ish when this is done). If either player adds/removes/changes anything in the offer, both parties must agree (again) to the new offer (even if it is simply "more").

You must have room in your backpack equal to the number of items you will receive, even if the items stack. Trading away items in the same trade does not free up pack space for this purpose, so 2 characters with full packs will be unable to trade anything until one or both free up some pack space somehow.

To trade a number of stacked items that is less than the full stack, press and hold Ctrl while dragging the stack of items to an empty pack square. A window will pop up; enter the number of items you would like to drag and click on OK. You will now have 2 stacks of that item, one with the number you entered, and one with "whatever is left from that stack".

Trades can be one-sided, gifts - you present an offer, the other player offers "nothing", and you both accept. (This can sometimes confuse players if you do not make it clear that you want nothing in return.)

The haggle skill has no effect on player to player trades, not unless you, the player, have a good haggle yourself.

Note: All trades in the game are final (unless the other player is willing to trade back). Be sure you are comfortable with a trade before you click on the Accept button!

Trading between your own characters[edit]

This is actually harder than trading between characters of different players.

If the item is unbound, you can mail it. (The mail will not allow any bound gear to be sent, not even Bound to Account gear to other alts in your Account.)

If you're VIP or have purchased access from the DDO Store, you can use the shared bank to transfer Bound to Account items.

If you have multiple accounts, you can also dual-box and use the standard procedure, above.

Trading equipped BtCoE items[edit]

Some items bind to a character on equip, i.e., when you equip them for the first time, they become bound to that character. Such items can only be traded via the Shard Exchange.

Trading with F2P characters[edit]

F2P characters can receive DDO Store items from other characters, but they cannot trade them back (or mail them, or post them on the auction house). You can use a Guild storage chest* to make such trades.

* An optional amenity that must be purchases separately from the Guild ship.

Trading BtC augments[edit]

Augments that bind to character are generally tricky to trade:

  • To trade with your own account, slot them into a BtA item and use the Shared Bank.
  • To trade with another account, slot them into a BtCoE item and use the Shard Exchange.[Unverified"To trade with another account, slot them into a BtCoE item and use the Shard Exchange." has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!]