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The Pit: Backup Generator

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[edit] The Backup Generator

First, notice that outside the door there are glowing Pit signal crystals: When you first reach here, these should be yellow, indicating this is your current objective.

When you enter the Backup Generator room, you will be attacked by 5 Ochre Jellies. Exploring the room reveals teams of Troglodytes:

Troglodyte Team (3)
1 Juibless Apprentice (caster)
3 Juibless Devotees

1 team will spawn every minute until you resolve the objective, or until a total of 3 teams have spawned.

The puzzle here consists of 9 switches arranged in 3 rows of 3, like a tic-tac-toe board. The proper combination to turn the backup generator on, is to throw all 4 corner switches and the center one (in any order) making an X of thrown switches.

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The Pit - step by step guide
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Backup Generator Navigating to Backup GeneratorBackup Generator
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*** Please note this guide is un-finished and imcomplete. ***

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