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The Oracle of Wisdom

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The Oracle of Wisdom.jpg

Name: The Oracle of Wisdom

Race: Unknown

Gender: Male



Offers quotes of wisdom from the DDO's 10-Year Celebration: Help us do a thing! forum thread.
Oracle Broccoli.jpg
List of quotes
  • If you get knocked down remember you can block to reduce damage. - Imash of Argonnessen
  • Halfling trap detector! Works every time! - Tukerby Bramblethorn of Khyber
  • They can't hit what they can't see. - Shamgard "The Rogue" Shadowspawn of Thelanis
  • The first thing you need to do when considering a halfling thrower build, is to learn how to bend halflings correctly so that they return. - Trelaf of Thelanis
  • Beware of rushing Sorcs who like to bluff enemy groups. - Anibak of Sarlona
  • Always bring scrolls to rez your cleric(s)! - Eldaria of Argo
  • If in doubt, shoot it. Repeatedly. Preferably in the leg, so you can outrun it. -Osstick of Thelanis
  • Potions are good, Heal scrolls are better, but a Scroll of Raise Dead is a life saver! - Hobgoblin Witchdoctor of Ghallanda
  • Always look when starting a new quest, to make sure you are not still wearing your haggle item. - Moncton of Thelanis
  • Remember, the brightest flame casts the darkest shadow... - Nikibrik of Thelanis
  • You may be surprised to learn how often a rogue with an uncanny ability to dodge, skilled in the use of magical devices, can pick up the pieces of an otherwise wiped out party. - Aberrus of Cannith
  • Save your self some trouble and just knock out Coyle. - Loromir of Cannith
  • When out adventuring for weeks at a time, make sure to get a sleeping spot upwind of the dwarf. - Yakface of Ghallanda
  • Fortification reduces the damage you take from critical hits. Don't adventure without it! - Kaytis of Orien
  • Spell casters wave their hands so you will know who wants to die first. - Rezlez Zoul of Orien
  • Never Trust A mindflayer. Except Fred, he is good people. - Quentyn of Orien. Totally not a Thrall of Fred.
  • Constitution is not a dump stat!! Ever!! - Josetta of Khyber
  • Remember, take down the healers first, then the casters. Everything else can be dealt with later. - Ecgric of Orien
  • I don't always drink potions, but when I do I prefer Yugoloth. - Hazred the Mad
  • While adventuring, remember the ABC's: Always Bring Crossbows. - Tensenmo of Argonnessen
  • I have lived many lives, but they all have one thing in common: Bacon. - Ydrynyn Tymysry, Fourth Generation Druid of Thelanis
  • A situation gone wrong is exciting and even more so when it's made right. So bring extra precaution, all your wit and keep challenging yourself. - Velnoran of Khyber
  • I dunno, randomly pulling leavers has always worked in the past... - Antipan of Ghallanda
  • On my barbarian life, I accidentally picked up a Xachosian Eardweller. Poor thing starved to death. - Soondar of Cannith
  • Don't go to Gwylan's Stand for the lemonade. It's terrible and really hard to get to.. - Vodris of Thelanis
  • I don't have to outrun the dragon. I just have to outrun you. - Asheras on Khyber
  • Grease is a party buff! - Archellus of Cannith
  • I can't heal you through walls. Or around corners. Or from the next county. - Pataris of Orien.
  • The ability to heal oneself & raise others is a great asset. Having a high UMD or the Half-Elf Cleric Dilettante are two ways to achieve this talent. - Sandralena of Thelanis
  • Always tip a disgruntled kobold. - Frigilius of Cannith
  • You can grease Ana, Coyle, and Nell Gan. It is beyond rewarding. - Tahkhesis of Ghallanda
  • If you sense a trap - the box is almost always on this side of the trap.....except when it is exceptionally important that the trap be disarmed.....then it is always on the other side of the trap. - Lishtarn of Argonessen
  • Shoot first, ask questions never! - Koboom of Khyber
  • Always carry at least one ranged weapon. You'll be surprised at how much you can damage your enemy before it has a chance to close the distance. - Arquera de Campo of Sarlona
  • If you want to survive, you best get behind my shield, and pray I deem you just. - Gabraell the Paladin of Orien
  • I was a cleric before it was cool. - Andurian of Sarlona
  • There be ham and broccoli around. But 'tis never found by looking for it. - Steeli of Argonnessen
  • I know you can, but can you look this good doing it? - Lagin of Thelanis
  • Meat Smithing: Tasty Ham can be turned into Tasty Ham Oil at the Stone of Change for your warforgered/bladeforgered to consume! - Livmo of Sarlona
  • If it's wearing a crown, take it down! - Thyriani of Ghallanda
  • The Owlbear Welfare League asks you to please decorate responsibly! - BonnieBew Lasers of Argonessen
  • Blowing up a control box is a form of DPS. - Belkier of Thelanis
  • When blasting in a conical eldritch manner, make it a habit to ensure your opponents are in a triangular profile, noting to keep a slight distance from the nearest of the group. Not only does it produce a greater effect upon the wretched creatures, but it also keeps them in neat, orderly rows to better loot their blackened corpses as you stroll past. - Archarias of Argonnessen
  • Sadly, I need to report that... well... umm... I killed the training dummy on your ship. Not the best time to discover my new Void Strike ability I guess? - Martens of Sarlona
  • It's not zerging if someone isn't mad at you. - Jennafer of Khyber
  • For a city with such a massive sewer complex, there sure aren't very many toilets! - Gibberish of Khyber
  • If you insist on throwing an AOE before the melees have aggro, be prepared to run away when the whole room comes charging your way. - Naryta of Khyber
  • Aye, Jello be all fun & games, til ye be losing an eye to the accursed stuff. - Oozo the Oozer, the one-eyed Dwarven Ranger of Sarlona.
  • You would expect hurling glass bottles to peoples face would be detrimental to one's health, that's why it's so fun healing you this way! - Steeleyes, Artificer of Orien
  • Avoid all bones on the floor while visiting Deleras Grave, lest you disturb the restless spirits there. - Gladmerin of Sarlona
  • If you think being in front of the drow assassin is a good idea, then by all means, lead on… - Rydd of Sarlona
  • I COULD carry your party through the dungeon, but what would you learn? - Batterskull of Khyber
  • Next time you curse the deities of this world, just be thankful that air elementals can't cast grease... - Lokeal of Sarlona
  • I know it looks weird, but it’s the best parts of a longsword *and* a battleaxe! - Arturium Savrachi of Sarlona
  • If you see the front-line melees go flying through the air past you, the engagement is not going that well. - Dwerkin of Thelanis
  • Most problems can be solved by casting Holy Avenger on a great axe. For those stubborn problems where the axe wont do, you may need a maul. - Percival Du'sol of Canith
  • Assassinate does not break Invisibility or Shadow Walk - Saekee of Cannith
  • It is well worth your time to make friends with The Harpers. Not only are we lots of fun, and always the life of the party, this little Harper Pin will get you out of many a seemingly inescapable predicament. - Sheelagh Fiana of Sarlona
  • I learned that if I aim for the furthest monster away I can make bolts hit all of them between me and it. I call it my Improved Precise Shot! - Gadgetman of Cannith
  • Mercy? I'm far too brave to grant you mercy. - Thaeseus of Cannith
  • Sure I can guide you, but did you not see my name... - Wywudufolome IthinkIamLost of Argonnessen
  • It's cheaper to raise them than heal them. - Phreddd of Sarlona
  • There is, sadly, no spell called 'Cure Light Stupid.' - Fairmore of Khyber
  • If you fall when runing to fight the Red Dragon in Plane of Night, search for a small platform below the floating rock and use the portal. If not you'll be teleported to the marketplace with no completion. - Eumin of Thelanis
  • The Sword of Tesyus didn't seem like it was worth very much in my opinion. - Ptalon of Thelanis
  • It doesn't matter how thick the door is - you need only concern yourself with the lock. - Torimi Dragonheart of Orien
  • If you're having fun, you're doing it right. - Evennote of Thelanis
  • If you build a man a fire, he will be warm for a day. If you set a man on fire, he will be warm for life. - Aneiria of Khyber
  • Always use your grease clicky to see who doesn't have Freedom of Movement. - Clerk of Khyber
  • Bard songs are not dispelled by beholders. - Fadedsun of Ghallanda
  • I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left. - Pallad of Cannith
  • If you jump before you hit Dire Charge, you can paste that giant right in the face! - Lehren of Thelanis
  • Hoardes of mobs are much more manageable when half of them are working for you. Don't underestimate your charm and suggestion spells. - Caleene of Cannith
  • Always bring fire and acid to a troll party. - Talame Sedar of Ghallanda
  • Always get yer reward when you have been raiding - Beldras Wyrmslayer of Ghallanda
  • Web everything that moves; smash everything that doesn't. - Therri Bulgaard of Thelanis
  • It might not be the best plan to annoy all the archers at once. - Othala of Sarlona
  • When going to the Vale of Twilight bring Paralyzing weapons, everything there is vulnerable! - Samaka of Sarlona
  • If the rogue stops, everyone stops. - Majikalfists of Orien
  • Wide/Thin quivers save your inventory space, they are cheap at Adore Quillbane, who is found in the Hammer and Chain in NW Harbor. - Robai of Orien
  • The best weapon is to have five good weapons in your backpack. - Paradontax of Khyber
  • Always carry potions: for health, curses, blindness, poison, disease. Your healer may not save you in time. - Shrijss of Khyber
  • If you're willing to do a little work for The Coin Lords they'll reward you with more inventory slots. - Jendon of Orien
  • It is unwise to alternate your Vitality or +Constitution Item with your haggle item. - Lunaura of Thelanis
  • Topaz of Feather Falling stops Strongjohn from going splat. - Strongjohn of Ghallandha
  • Dying is not that bad, you can still eat cake! - Mallvadah of Argo
  • Hi Welcome! - multiple sources
  • Why does everyone keep their loot in chests? - Mageyalook of Khyber
  • Whoever said dead men tell no tales was not a very good listener. - Vhayre of Khyber, necromancer
  • When your cleric is dead, and your cursed, poisoned and injured, you'll be wishing you'd listened when I told you to buy potions. - Jalagon of Thelanis
  • A couple days of questing in Eveningstar earned me a Key to the City. Years of questing in Eberron? Bupkus. - Belgarim of Thelanis
  • It's an unguarded chest in a dead-end room. Go open it! What could go wrong? - Surlyyuri of Sarlona
  • Everyone should have one way to raise a fallen party member. - Acetylene of Sarlona
  • If your gonna go in there, you might wanna take off your Dragon armor, otherwise Velah might take it personally! - Glam of Sarlona
  • Haste means GO! - Yohgee of Sarlona
  • ALWAYS carry some sort of good-aligned damaging weapon that's made of Cold Iron, and one that's made of Silver. You will face more Outsiders than you can count eventually. - Nightreign of Sarlona
  • Joining a group may mean new friends and playstyles! Dont be afraid to look for a group! - Yamani of Argonnessen
  • If you cannot see the healer, the healer can't see you either. - Preve Muerte on Ghallanda
  • Broccoli...the least understood vegetable of all. - Saffronia of Orien
  • If you found a trap with your face - keep running! - Sherily of Khyber