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Tempest's Spine

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The mountains of Tempest's Spine are home to a storm giant, Sor'jek the Summoner. He does not take kindly to unexpected guests.

Tempest's Spine
Heroic level: 10
Epic level: None
Duration: Very Long
Heroic XP:  ♦6,484Normal ♥6,819Hard ♠7,155Elite
Epic XP: Legendary Tempest's Spine
Takes place in: Tempest's Spine
Bestowed by: Chamberlain Cyrese Embree
NPC contact: Chamberlain Cyrese Embree
Quest acquired in: House Jorasco
Patron: House Jorasco
Base favor: 6
Free to Play: Yes
Extreme Challenge: No
M tempest's spine.png
Loading screen


Tempest's Spine is a Raid. Unlike other raids in DDO, there is no raid timer, so you may re-run the quest at any time. This is the second lowest-level raid by level. The Chronoscope is the lowest, at level 6. However, Tempest's Spine is also Free to Play.


  • No flagging is required for this raid.
Tempest's Spine Outdoor Area
Tempest's Spine Walkthrough
Tempest's Spine puzzle

Spoiler Warning: Information below this point can be considered spoiler material!


  • Defeat the storm giant summoner, Sor'jek Incanni
  • (Optional) Gain access to the rune hidden in a flooded tunnel Heroic: +10% Bonus.( ♦648 ♥682 ♠716 )
  • (Optional) Kill Ranger A'tchkar Heroic: +10% Bonus.( ♦648 ♥682 ♠716 )
  • (Optional) Kill Sorcerer Vyikkus Heroic: +10% Bonus.( ♦648 ♥682 ♠716 )
  • (Optional) Kill Zerisenz Heroic: +10% Bonus.( ♦648 ♥682 ♠716 )
  • (Optional) Kill Wizard Llyndarus Heroic: +10% Bonus.( ♦648 ♥682 ♠716 )
  • (Optional) Purge the Mountaintop of foes Heroic: +10% Bonus.( ♦648 ♥682 ♠716 )

What to Expect

  • Traps (fixed)
  • Puzzle (mandatory: tile puzzle)
  • Spawning/respawning monsters
  • Rune (mandatory: requires an INT check of  ♠20+Elite)
  • Levers (mandatory: require a STR check of  ♠20Elite)
  • Locked doors (can be knocked/picked or can be skipped by taking another route and going outside)
  • Monsters that have to be killed almost simultaneously (mandatory: 2, a Fire Reaver and an Ice Flenser)

Known Traps

Trap DCs
Fire, Spinning Spike, Poison, Acid

Tips and Misc

  • Tempest's Spine is often the first raid for new players. An experienced guide using voice chat is almost essential to a successful PUG raid party. If you are new to this raid, do be sure to speak up, and follow the leader's instruction.
  • The raid is filled with fire-damaging enemies. Resist fire damage spells/items are a must.
  • Several enemies will use poison.
  • Several enemies (anticipate to meet two beholders throughout the caves) can cast Destruction or other death spells. Deathblock items may help. Death Ward may be insufficient due to numerous dispel magic enemies (Beholder, Drow Death Prophet)
    • Giant Soothsayers can cast Destruction. Even if resisted, it will do over 250+ damage on hard mode and higher.
    • Drow Death Prophets can cast Slay and Dispel.
  • There is a very long dive in the quest. An underwater action item will be helpful. Most common strategy to solve this swim 'maze' is to keep the wall to your right.
  • Lair of Fire and Ice:
    • Some regard this part even harder than the final encounter. The Ice Flenser and the Fire Reaver at the ends of the two tunnels need to be slain almost simultaneously (within 30 seconds of each other).
    • A common strategy is everyone staying inside the main chamber, while someone pulls or lures the Ice Flenser down first. Once the Flenser approaches, mages will drop Wall of Fire spells to kill the Flenser, then the party hurries down the other tunnel to kill the Fire Reaver.
    • Obtain Olipar Rune goes in left most vase to stop his regen
  • Underwater passage:
  • Pass to Inevitable:
    • Obtain Talen Rune goes in right most vase to stop fire immunity
  • On the final boss:
    • Clerics that cast Freedom of Movement, Resist Electricity, Resist Sonic, and Death Ward are very helpful.
    • Remove Featherfalling gear before the final encounter. This will have you fall down faster if you get blown away by Sor'jek, and improve your chance of landing back onto the summit or the high mountainside instead of drifting away from the mountain to strange corners of the map where retrieval is difficult.
    • When you enter the boss room, you must talk to Talf Halfspear to start the puzzle.
    • Much like the final boss in Stormcleave Outpost, Sor'jek is a purple-named monster who is virtually impossible to fight or kill without solving the puzzle (which powers off his weather control ability) and using the runes you should have collected along the way. Runes control various of his abilities such as fast regeneration (full heal at half health, leftmost vase), DRDamage Reduction 100/-: Reduces all physical damage by 100. 100/-, and fire immunity. He can always be damaged by sonic damage and some weapon procs such as Pure Good.
    • (At least in Elite) Sor'jek Incanni will eventually perform a full health refill. Cut him down as quickly as possible if you see he has regained his weather control ability.
  • Refer to videos on YouTube (spoilers) for useful guides on navigating throughout this quest.

Bonus XP

  • Aggression bonus: circa 119 or more monsters killed +10% Bonus.( ♦648 ♥682 ♠716 )
  • Conquest bonus: 268 on elite or more monsters killed +25% Bonus.( ♦1,621 ♥1,705 ♠1,789 )
  • Mischief bonus: 49 or more breakables smashed +8% Bonus.( ♦519 ♥546 ♠572 )
  • Vandal bonus: 60 or more breakables smashed +10% Bonus.( ♦648 ♥682 ♠716 )
  • Ransack bonus: 77 or more breakables smashed +15% Bonus.( ♦973 ♥1,023 ♠1,073 )


  • Chests: Ten minimum, thirteen possible
    • Two in "Fire and Ice."
    • One to the left through the door right after the fire elemental trap.
    • One just before underwater swim for killing Clay Golem.
    • One for killing a Clay Golem in a pocket to the right of the underwater swim.
    • One to the left side of the first Beholder encounter for killing the Clay Golem.
    • One near the shrine for killing the first Beholder.
    • One near resurrection shrine for killing the Inevitable.
    • Two after slaying Sor'jek Incanni for completion of the quest.
    • Three possible orange-named bosses that can spawn a chest each.
  • NPC rewards: Random item

Named Chest Drop

Weapons and armor are ML8, accessories are ML9. All items are Bound to Character on AcquireBound to Character on Acquire: This item is Bound to Character on Acquire.


Name(picture) CR Type Race
Sor'jek Incanni(view)
Sor'jek Incanni.jpg
 ♦16Normal ♥18Hard ♠20Elite ♥45Epic Hard ♠66Epic Elite Giant Giant
 ♦11Normal ♠16Elite ♥38Epic Hard ♠61Epic Elite Elf Drow Elf
 ♠16Elite Elf Drow Elf
 ♦11Normal ♥38Epic Hard Elf Drow Elf
 ♦11Normal ♠16Elite ♥38Epic Hard Elf Drow Elf
 ♦14Normal ♠19Elite ♦20Epic Normal ♠66Epic Elite Aberration Beholder
Blackbone Marksman(view)
Blackbone Marksman.jpg
 ♦8Normal ♠13Elite Undead Skeleton
Clay Golem(view)
Clay Golem.jpg
 ♦10Normal Construct Golem
Drow Assassin(view)
Drow Assassin.jpg
 ♦10Normal Elf Drow Elf
Drow Barbarian Shaman(view)
Drow Barbarian Shaman.jpg
 ♦10Normal ♥12Hard ♠15Elite Elf Drow Elf
Drow Blackguard(view)
Drow Blackguard.jpg
 ♦13Normal ♠18Elite Elf Drow Elf
Drow Captain(view)
Drow Captain.jpg
 ♦12Normal ♥14Hard ♠17Elite Elf Drow Elf
Drow Death Priest(view)
Drow Death Priest.jpg
 ♦14Normal ♠19Elite Elf Drow Elf
Drow Fighter/Wizard(view)
Drow Fighter Wizard.jpg
 ♦10Normal ♠15Elite Elf Drow Elf
Drow Necromancer (Eberron)(view)
Drow Necromancer (Eberron).jpg
 ♦12Normal ♠17Elite Elf Drow Elf
Drow Paladin(view)
Drow Paladin.jpg
 ♦13Normal Elf Drow Elf
Drow Prophet(view)
Drow Prophet.jpg
 ♦12Normal ♠17Elite Elf Drow Elf
Drow Scorpion Cleric(view)
Drow Scorpion Cleric.jpg
 ♦10Normal Aberration Drow Scorpion
Drow Scorpion Wizard(view)
Drow Scorpion Wizard.jpg
 ♦10Normal Aberration Drow Scorpion
Drow Scorpion(view)
Drow Scorpion.jpg
 ♦10Normal Aberration Drow Scorpion
Enraged Rust Monster(view)
Enraged Rust Monster.jpg
 ♦5Normal ♠9Elite Aberration Rust Monster
Fire Giant Champion(view)
Fire Giant Champion.jpg
 ♠17Elite Giant Giant
Fire Giant Slayer(view)
Fire Giant Slayer.jpg
 ♦16Normal ♠22Elite Giant Giant
Fire Giant(view)
Fire Giant.jpg
 ♠15Elite ●25Epic Giant Giant
Fire Reaver(view)
Fire Reaver.jpg
 ♦12/14Normal ♠19Elite ♦15Epic Normal Evil Outsider Demon
Flesh Render(view)
Flesh Render.png
 ♦12/14Normal ♠17Elite Evil Outsider Demon
Greater Fire Elemental(view)
Greater Fire Elemental.jpg
 ♦9Normal ♥11Hard ♠14Elite Elemental Fire Elemental
Greater Fire Mephit(view)
Greater Fire Mephit.jpg
 ♦6Normal ♠11Elite OR Summoned by another mephit: ♠6Elite Fire Outsider Mephit
Greater Ice Mephit(view)
Monster Greater Ice Mephit.jpeg
 ♦6Normal ♠11Elite OR Summoned by another mephit: ♠6Elite Air Outsider Mephit
Hill Giant Soothsayer(view)
Hill Giant Soothsayer.jpg
 ♦16Normal Giant Giant
Huge Rust Monster(view)
Huge Rust Monster.jpg
 ♦8Normal ♥11Hard ♠14Elite Aberration Rust Monster
Ice Flenser(view)
Ice Flenser.png
 ♦14Normal ♠19Elite Evil Outsider Demon
 ♦15Normal ♥38Epic Hard Construct Golem
Iron Golem(view)
Iron Golem.jpg
 ♠18Elite Construct Golem
Large Rust Monster(view)
Large Rust Monster.jpg
 ♦7Normal ♥9Hard ♠11Elite Aberration Rust Monster
Mephit of Fernia(view)
Mephit of Fernia.jpg
 ♦9Normal ♠14Elite Fire Outsider Mephit
Mephit of Risia(view)
Mephit of Risia.jpg
 ♦9Normal ♠14Elite Air Outsider Mephit
Thaarak Hound(view)
Thaarak Hound.jpg
 ♦12Normal ♠15Elite ♦21Epic Normal Evil Outsider Hellhound

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