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Talk:The Scoundrel's Run

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Unneeded Lever[edit]

There's a lever just south of the entrance that's locked, and doesn't seem to be unlocked naturally in the process of completing the adventure. Anyone know what it does, or was it for something that got dummied out?

The lever controls the force fields that get you trapped during the earth elementals ambush near the Legs of the Idol (marked with '5' on the map). The force fields are deactivated by either pulling the lever or by killing the elementals. Easiest way to check this is to park a hireling near the lever and to order him to pull it when you trigger the elemental ambush. by Mjoll 02:29, April 20, 2011 (EDT)

Enhanced Walkthrough[edit]

The Walkthrough was very helpful for this confusing quest, but doesn't get all of the collectables. I modified it to get all of the collectables:

  • Start by heading directly South and grab collectable #1
  • Follow the passage as it winds around and up. You can ignore the gate that you pass. Grab collectable #2 just before you are forced to go North
  • When you see the mine elevator where you started (you're now a level above), turn left / West. Continue going West at the intersection and grab collectable #3
  • Continue West, defeat the earth elementals, and get Legs.
  • Back to the intersection, take a left then a right (both North) to the bridge, and solve the puzzle. (Don't forget final piece to unlock the gate.)
  • Drop all the way down to the first floor and get Tail. (Off the left side of the bridge is a shorter fall to the second floor, then the ladder down to first floor.)
  • Climb back up the ladder and head West. At the 4-way intersection, grab collectible #4 from the north alcove
  • Go back to the 4-way intersection and pop the scorpion-guarded chest #1 in the west alcove
  • Go back to the 4-way intersection and head South. Take first left back to and across the bridge, grabbing collectable #5 on the far side
  • Continue North then East to loot the (trapped) chest #2 in the eastern alcove
  • Grab collectable #6 while in alcove
  • Go West to the last intersection then head South. Take first left East through the fire traps, left (North) at the T, then turn the valve and get Right Claw.
  • Go back South then West through the deactivated fire traps, then south and solve the puzzle wheels. (blue 1 turn, all others 4) Get Left Claw.
  • Exit alcove and head East, then North. Kill Boss Kharja, get the Iron Key from the lockbox (chest #3) then pop chest #4
  • Go south, ignore the valve in hallway, use the iron key to open the locked gate, get Head.
  • While in alcove, get collectable #7
  • Go West, picking up collectables #8 and #9
  • Backtrack East, then North, then West to the puzzle wheels, go South from there, drop down to the start. Go East to collectable #10
  • Return to altar and put pieces on it

— previous unsignedPlease sign posts using ~~~~ comment by GuntherBovine ( c |d| r| b) at 22:10, April 20, 2016 (UTC)

Question on Gate[edit]

In the above walkthrough, there's a gate near collectable #9. How do you open it? If I could open it, it would be a quicker way of doing the quest — previous unsignedPlease sign posts using ~~~~ comment by GuntherBovine ( c |d| r| b) at 22:13, April 20, 2016 (UTC)