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Talk:Named quest rewards

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Static rewards[edit]

What is the source of these rewards? Besides that it would be good to clarify that those rewards are random unlike the rewards in Waterworks for example. The quest difficulty for the specific items (normal/hard/elite) is important to know too IMO. On normal I sometimes get nothing better than a random +1 Weapon as reward for Shan To Kor or Catacombs.--Ziu 08:57, April 12, 2006 (EDT)

No, in the module update, they introduced more static rewards (WW-like) for a number of quests (the ones listed here). Tihocan 10:15, April 12, 2006 (EDT)
Oic, good to hear that. I hope they'll add the module here in Europe soon. Can't wait to show that little dragon how tough dwarves are hehe.--Ziu 10:49, April 12, 2006 (EDT)
They should soon, as they have now (supposedly) fixed the most important bugs. Be happy they have US players beta testers ;) Tihocan 15:59, April 12, 2006 (EDT)


The formatting on here is horrible! All those excess newlines breaking up each entry. Raw ascii would be better. 24.62

Well any start is better than nothing. Cosmetic enhancements can still come after. Tihocan 14:57, April 13, 2006 (EDT)
Hmm looks like I accidentally deleted a reply by someone else, it was not intentional (weird, I don't remember seeing a conflict page popping up). Sorry 'bout that. Tihocan 15:17, April 13, 2006 (EDT)
No problem :) The formatting was rough early on just to get the info posted and available. It should look a lot better now. Justinian 15:24, April 13, 2006 (EDT)
Yay, good work on that Justinian, thanks a lot! Tihocan 15:29, April 13, 2006 (EDT)
Linked back to the original WW unique rewards item pages. And removed some weird dead-ends ZacinIndy 02:16, April 14, 2006 (EDT)
Should we have the required levels/traits for the items listed on the page, or just link back to a page for each item? Sonil 16:22, June 8, 2006 (EDT)
I wouldn't list the min level unless it's really non-standard (either very low or very high). Other requirements that are not expected, I would list them (like Chaotic for the Delera's bracers). Tihocan 11:35, June 16, 2006 (EDT)


Doh, it's not a potion, it's a trinket. It casts an offensive spell (Sleep), which can't be done from a potion. It uses the potion icon, that's all, just like some other trinkets (Keoghtm's Ointment). -- 13:19, June 14, 2006 (EDT)

Thanks for noting that! Can you fix it? Elliott Cable - ?+¿ - ‹·› 13:20, June 14, 2006 (EDT)
Fixed. Tihocan 11:39, June 16, 2006 (EDT)

Linked item names[edit]

Some items in the list are linked (the item names themselves, I mean) while some sections of items are not, anybody know why? Mr. Cable 22:46, January 24, 2007 (EST)

Mainly because not all items have been given their own page. We could remove the red links though. Tihocan 11:52, January 25, 2007 (EST)


  • The Waterworks Rewards - quest level 2-3
  • Catacombs Rewards - quest level 2-4
  • The Seal of Shan-To-Kor Rewards - quest level 3-5
  • Assault on Splinterskull Rewards - aka tangleroot, quest level 3-7
  • Delera's Tomb Rewards - quest level 5-8
  • Bloody Crypt Rewards - quest level 6, update2.1 (literny of the dead pt.1)
  • Shadow Crypt Rewards - quest level 9, update3.2 (literny of the dead pt.2)
  • Cult of the Six Rewards - quest level 8-10
  • South Threnal Rewards - quest level 9-10
  • Vault of Night loot (aka "Dragon Loot") - quest level 10(raid), mod1.0(vault of night)
  • Titan Awakes Rewards - quest level 12(raid), mod2.0(twilight forge)
  • Zawabi's Revenge Rewards - quest level 12(raid), mod3.0(demon sands)
  • The Reaver's Fate (Stormreaver Warded Chest) - quest level 14(raid), mod4.0(reaver's bane) yoko5000 21:47, July 29, 2007 (EDT)
So, what do you mean? Borror0
well seems like i wanted to explain that this list is sorted by q lvl.(sry so long no reply!) btw how about dividing raid loot in this into Unique raid loot or somethin? yoko5000 22:42, November 4, 2007 (EST)
Total agreed about the raid loot, was thinknig about the same, simply iddn't have anytiem/will to do it yet. Borror0 22:55, November 4, 2007 (EST)

Collectable Rewards[edit]

I feel these should have there own page, such as Unique collectable quest rewards or something similar. As it is it isn't self evident to people that they can find the collectable rewards information in quest rewards. UltraMonk 10:55, November 27, 2009 (EST)

sounds good, it also prevents original list growing too huge. Unique collectable turn-in rewards better wording? --yoko5000 01:05, November 28, 2009 (EST)


The words collectable and collectible are unfortunately used interchangeably in the English language. However, for the sake of standardization for this wiki I suggest the word collectable be used. --Rebecca 22:41, July 22, 2010 (EDT)