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Talk:Kobold Island: Kobold Chaos

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The collectible reward seems to be Crude Talisman = Collected Dragonshards/10 for equal level players and Collected Dragonshards/100 for players much higher than the quest level. Data:

  • Lvl 8 quest, lvl 4 player (solo), 2 stars, 991 shards: 99 talismans --User:Tokhg
  • Lvl 4 quest, lvl 20 player (solo), 3 stars, 1845 shards: 18 talismans --User:Tokhg
  • Lvl 15 quest, lvl 20 player (solo), 2 stars, 1415 shards: 14 talismans --User:Tokhg
Yep. There is quite a massive penalty applies if your over lvl, so level 20s have quite a hard time acquireing these, as even at the maixmum CR (20), even very good runs with 4000+ shards only net something like 40 talismans. --Shade 23:12, November 21, 2011 (EST)

Extremely hard to get more than 3 stars.


Should we make a page of info about extractors somewhere? Total HP at each level, time for ROI on each upgrade, spells that work/apply but do nothing/don't apply, etc.?

Backley 15:36, February 23, 2012 (EST)

Some research:

Effects that apply and are useful:

  • Repair/Reconstruct (but hard to tell it is applying, since they have such a large HP pool).
  • Resists
  • Protection from Energy (single or mass)
  • Stalwart Pact
  • Inspire Greatness

Effects that apply and might be useful (not sure):

  • Spell Resistance
  • Protection from Evil
  • Shield of Faith
  • Divine Intervention (Cleric Capstone)

Effects that apply but are pointless:

  • Freedom of Movement
  • Inspire Courage
  • Heroes' Feast
  • Death Ward
  • Remove Fear
  • Neutralize Poison
  • True Seeing
  • Water Breathing
  • Spawn Screen

Effects that do not apply:

  • Bear's Endurance
  • Blur
  • Bull's Strength
  • Displacement
  • Good Hope
  • Greater Heroism
  • Haste
  • Heroism
  • Holy Aura
  • Inspire Heroism
  • Invisibility
  • Mass Aid
  • Prayer
  • Rage
  • Spellsinger songs
  • Virtuoso's Sustaining Song

(thanks to Mojo for testing)

Djinn spawn trigger[edit]

My (admittedly limited) experience of running this at challenge level 5/6 (solo, character level 5), is that the Djinn seem to start spawning at something in the region of 1000 shards collected. Raumkraut (ContributionsMessage) 13:49, July 28, 2013 (EDT)