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Sigil of Leveling

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History shield-book-sword.png
History shield-book-sword.png
This page is about an item that no longer drops in-game.
If you can verify that the item still drops, please edit this page and remove this template.
Removed from game as of Update 3

Sigils of Leveling were a per-character item and were required to increase the maximum level your character could achieve. Free To Play and Premium Account characters started with a level cap of 4. Since VIPs had their level caps set to 20, these sigils would not appear as a reward choice for them. This item was removed in update 3 as the developers decided it was not wise to limit free/premium players in this manner, and thus removed the level caps entirely for everyone.

Types of sigils[edit]

Icon coppersigil.jpg Copper Sigil of Leveling Increased level cap from 4 to 8
Icon silversigil.jpg Silver Sigil of Leveling Increased level cap from 8 to 12
Icon goldsigil.jpg Gold Sigil of Leveling Increased level cap from 12 to 16
Icon platinumsigil.jpg Platinum Sigil of Leveling Increased level cap from 16 to 20

Turbine had a fire sale of sorts just before Module 3 where you could buy any of these levels for 10 DDO Points.


  • Sigils could be purchased from within the DDO Store or found by completing quests within the appropriate range, as an end reward.
  • Since they were not physical items, they could not be traded or found in the Auction House.
  • Once you acquired the Sigil, you would be unable to acquire that particular sigil again.
  • A Copper Sigil would randomly appear as quest reward in Harbor and Marketplace quests, on any difficulty.
  • A Silver Sigil would randomly appear as quest reward in Houses quests, though drop rate is lower than a copper sigil.
  • A Gold Sigil would randomly appear as quest reward in Level 9 and higher quests.


  • If a sigil was offered as an end reward, it was usually preferable to pick it over other loot. Most of the loot that was offered to you could easily be replaced or bought. The same could not be said of a sigil where the chance of getting a sigil shortly after were significantly lower.
  • It was not recommended to buy a Copper Sigil via the DDO Store since the drop rate was fairly high. You were able to get one in very little time.
  • XP was still gained even if the level cap was reached, but Action Points were not credited. Once the appropriate sigil was obtained, the Action Points were regained. It was a common strategy to hold off leveling up in order not to incur XP Penalty on quests.
  • A higher level sigil would not be available for purchase in the DDO Store until the lower level sigils were acquired, i.e. a Gold Sigil would not be available in the DDO Store until you had obtained a Silver Sigil.