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Scrag (kobold)

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Scrag (kobold).jpg

Name: Scrag

Race: Kobold

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): Home Sweet Sewer

Affiliation(s): The Coin Lords

Location: The Harbor, near the mailbox

Notes: Scrag is not a scrag, but a kobold.

The Harbor[edit]

If you try to talk to him anytime, he will reply:

  • Scrag: Can you help Scrag? Me family kicked out of sewer where we live for years! Nasty guards tell us move but we don't want to move. Guards send in hungry dogs to chase us out... so what choice we got? None! You help?
    • You: Sound easy enough. I can't imagine the mongrels would put up much of a fight....
    • You: Sorry, Scrag. I won't kill any dogs. They're just doing what they're trained to do. (Both options ends in the same way)
      • Scrag: No fight! No fight! Scrag like dogs. They not bad, just hungry and afraid. They need to find way out and then they leave! You show them way home, no fight, okay?
        • You: Well then you've got yourself a helper. (Bestow quest)
    • You: No thanks, kobold. I have business elsewhere. (Walk away)

Talking to him after acquiring the quest, but before completion, will make he say:

  • Scrag: Mrs. scrag says she misses home, even though it smells a little bad. You chase out dogs, yes?

On completion of quest, he will congratulate you with the following:

  • Scrag: Hooray! Thanks to you, Scrag and family can go back home. Thank you, <class>! We never forget you!
  • You: Glad to help, little guy. I hope all kobolds in Stormreach are as nice as you!

After completing the quest and take the reward, if you talk to him again, he will reply:

  • Scrag: Scrag jumps into the air, as happy as a hatchling. Now me and weela and Scrag Junior can go home! You gonna go places, me can tell!