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Radiant Servant enhancements (history)

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These Clerics are fantastic healers and are particularly good at turning Undead. In tough combats a Radiant Servant's prodigious healing ability is all that stands between his companions and death, while his ability to turn undead can annihilate Undead foes before they decimate the party.


Cleric Radiant Servant I[edit]

  • Usage: Passive
  • Cost: 4 action points
  • Progression: 16 action points
  • Requires One of: Cleric Divine Cleansing I, Cleric Divine Healing I, Cleric Divine Light I, Cleric Divine Might I, Cleric Divine Vitality I
  • Requires All of: Empower Healing Spell, Cleric Improved Turning I, Improved Heal II, Cleric Life Magic II
  • Available to Cleric class level 6
  • You count as 1 Level higher when channeling Positive Energy or Light based spells, any Undead that you successfully turn with your turn ability are destroyed instead of frightened, and your turns regenerate over time (1 every 2 minutes), even if you get feebleminded, or your maximum number of Turn Undeads change by other "indirect" means. You also gain the ability to expend a turn attempt to create a positive energy burst.
  • This enhancement automatically grants the following:

Positive Energy Burst[edit]

  • Expend a use of turn undead to produce positive energy that expands from the caster, healing 1 to 8 plus 1 per caster Level to all nearby Allies, as well as removing 1 to 4 negative Levels and 1 to 6 points of ability damage. Undead are instead damaged by the energy, taking 1 to 8 points of damage per caster Level, a successful Will save reduces the damage by a half.

Quicken Spell, Empower Healing Spell, Empower Spell, and Maximize Spell Metamagic Feats all can enhance this ability.

Positive Energy Burst will work within anti-magic cones, making it particularly useful against Beholders and Doomspheres.


Cleric Radiant Servant II[edit]

  • Usage: Passive
  • Cost: 2 action points
  • Progression: 42 action points
  • Requires One of: Bladesworn Transformation, Silver Flame Exorcism, Undying Call, Unyielding Sovereignty, Vulkoor’s Avatar, Cleric Charisma II
  • Requires All of: Cleric Prayer of Incredible Life I, Cleric Prayer of Life I, Cleric Radiant Servant I
  • Available to Cleric class level 12
  • The Empower Healing metamagic now grants you a +100 bonus to healing spell power instead of the base amount of +75, and you count as an additional 1 Level higher when channeling positive energy or light based spells. You also gain the ability to expend a turn attempt to create a positive energy aura.
Icon Radiant Aura.png

Positive Energy Aura[edit]

Radiant Servant II Positive Energy Aura
  • Expend a use of turn undead to create a positive energy aura effect on yourself, which envelops the caster in an aura of healing, positive energy, and affects a number of targets equal to caster level. Allies within the aura are healed 1 hit point per 3 caster Levels as long as they remain within it and Undead enemies are damaged for the same amount.

Unlike Radiant Burst only Empower Healing Spell metamagic effects this ability.

In addition to Prayer of Life enhancements, a Healing or Arcane lore item will help a Cleric's Aura to crit more often (and they stack with the Prayer of Life and Prayer of Incredible Life enhancements).

Enhancement changes Alpha Testing on Lamannia[edit]