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Quivering Palm

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Quivering Palm


The monk delivers a fatal attack by sending waves of vibrations through the target with an open hand strike. The attack costs 30 Ki, and if it hits the victim must pass a Fortitude save (DC 10 + monk level/2 + Wisdom modifier) or die.

Update 19 changes:

  • Quivering Palm may now be used with Monk weapons.
  • Quivering Palm now gains DC bonuses from all enhancements, feats, items, and Epic Destiny abilities that increase Sunder DC.

Update 21 changes:

  • Quivering Palm gains DC bonuses from general tactical combat boosts, but not Sundering items.
  • Whenever an enemy saves vs. Quivering Palm, you get a stacking +4 bonus to your Quivering Palm DC. This stack is dispelled when you successfully kill someone with Quivering Palm (or 3 minutes pass).


This ability emulates other death spells, so deathblock or death ward both grant immunity. Unlike the Assassin's Assassinate ability, using Quivering Palm will drop you out of Sneak and remove any Invisibility effects.

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