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Named shields by minimum level

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Named Shields grouped by minimum level

Battered Marketplace ShieldBattleworn ShieldBattleworn Shield of CyreChitin ShieldDirge's BulwarkGuardian of Stormreach Shield (angular)Guardian of Stormreach Shield (round)Phiarlan Veil Shield (Angular)Phiarlan Veil Shield (Round)Shield of the Azure ValkyrieStarter Heavy Wooden ShieldStormreach Marketplace Shield (Angular)Stormreach Marketplace Shield (Round)Turbine Shield

Dhakaani ShieldInterogator's ShieldNicked OrbOoze GuardSanctuary

Battered Phiarlan ShieldSwashbuckler (Level 4)

Guardian MantleWrath of Siberys

Golden Orb of Death (Level 7)Horseshoe Crab Shield (Level 7)

Nightforge AegisAlveoBreaker of BodiesKundarak Trooper's ShieldMutilator of MindsSwashbuckler (Level 8)Wharfrat's Plank

Acidic SphereBattered Guardian ShieldBolt SphereCoronation ShieldDalorent's SealFlame SphereGlacial SphereKundarak Warding ShieldMirrorplate TowerShield of ReflectingShield of the ScorpionThe Best DefenseThe MistfallenVan Richten's CaneWard of UndeathWarsword ShieldWeathered Targe

Alchemical Heavy ShieldAlchemical Light ShieldAlchemical Tower ShieldBulwark of the Storm's Fist (historic)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 12)Carved Bone ShieldMadstone Skull (Level 12)Skyvault Shield (historic)Skyvault Shield (Level 12)Swashbuckler (Level 12)

Buckler of the Demonic SoldierBulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 13)Madstone Skull (Level 13)Shield of the Demonic SoldierShield of Tireless AidSkyvault Shield (Level 13)

AdherenceArrondiBijioBulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 14)Death's DoorDemonic SlabFanionGiant's PlatterIncreased PotentialLevik's DefenderLorikk's ChampionMadstone ShieldMadstone Skull (Level 14)Skyvault Shield (Level 14)SorrelTalon

BlockadeBurning LightDeath's HandiworkShining WallWall of Wood (level 15)

Aegis of FlameBastion (Level 16)Blood's BellowsSwashbuckler (Level 16)Templar's BulwarkWall of Wood (level 16)Wizard's Ward (Level 16)

Bastion (Level 17)Nether Orb (Level 17)Shield of Morning (Level 17)Wall of Wood (level 17)Wizard's Ward (Level 17)

Bastion (Level 18)Blazing SunLight and DarknessNether Orb (Level 18)Shield of Morning (Level 18)Stone WallVengeful ProtectorWizard's Ward (Level 18)

Nether Orb (Level 19)Shield of Morning (Level 19)

Epic Coronation ShieldEpic Kundarak Warding ShieldEpic Shield of the ScorpionEpic Swashbuckler (Level 20)Epic Templar's BulwarkEpic Ward of UndeathEpic Weathered Targe

Thunder-Forged Alloy OrbWall of Wood (level 22)

Bastion (Level 23)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 23)Madstone Skull (Level 23)Skyvault Shield (Level 23)Wall of Wood (level 23)Wizard's Ward (Level 23)

Barnacled BucklerBastion (Level 24)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 24)Epic Swashbuckler (Level 24)Kobold Admiral's TillerMadstone AegisMadstone Skull (Level 24)Skyvault Shield (Level 24)Wall of Wood (level 24)Wizard's Ward (Level 24)

Bastion (Level 25)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 25)Madstone Skull (Level 25)Skyvault Shield (Level 25)Wizard's Ward (Level 25)

Epic Blazing SunEpic Stone WallGolden Orb of Death (Level 26)Horseshoe Crab Shield (Level 26)Libram of Silver MagicMythic Blazing SunNether Orb (Level 26)Purple Dragon ShieldShield of Morning (Level 26)

Emerald TwilightNether Orb (Level 27)Shield of Morning (Level 27)Silver LiningThe Falling DarknessThe Rising Light

Dethek RunestoneEpic Buckler of the Demonic SoldierEpic Demonic SlabEpic Increased PotentialEpic Shield of the Demonic SoldierEpic Shield of Tireless AidLegendary Acidic SphereLegendary Bolt SphereLegendary Breaker of BodiesLegendary Flame SphereLegendary Glacial SphereLegendary Mutilator of MindsNether Orb (Level 28)Shield of Morning (Level 28)Ultimatum

Buckler of the Celestial SoldierCelestial OakDevil's DefenseEcho of the Tome of StrahdLegendary Death's HandiworkLegendary Giant's PlatterLegendary Mirrorplate TowerLegendary Warsword ShieldTerminusThe Legendary Best DefenseThe Legendary MistfallenVan Richten's Legendary Cane

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