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Monster Champion

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Burning crown identifies a monster champion.

Introduced in Update 24 and reworked in Update 34, some enemies gain randomized buffs on Hard, Elite, and Reaper difficulties in quests with an effective level of 5 or higher (i.e. starting with level 4 quests on Hard difficulty, and level 3 quests on Elite or Reaper). These enemies are called Champions, and they have a visible crown above their head to mark them. Monster Champions do not directly spawn in any raid (the champions in Legendary Shroud's Part 5 are granted champion buffs but are not champions proper), nor do they appear at all in any wilderness area or quest on Solo, Casual, and Normal difficulty.

Spawn rate[edit]

  • Hard normal monsters: 6%
  • Elite normal monsters: 9%
  • Hard Orange named monsters (mini-bosses): 33%
  • Elite Orange named monsters (mini-bosses): 66% (DDO Forums)



Champion crowns designate whether the Champion is Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3:

  • A small yellow crown indicating it is Tier 1
  • A medium orange crown indicating it is Tier 2
  • A large red crown indicating it is a Tier 3

Champion buffs now randomly pick between a set of template themes after the Outer and Inner Planes where they get their boost, depending on difficulty:

  • Casual or Normal - no champions
  • Hard - Tier 1
  • Elite - Tier 1 and 2
  • Reaper - up to Tier 3

Players can see the kind of Champion they are fighting by looking at the creature's title. Additional detail can be found in the examination window.

Plane Theme Tier 1 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 3 Vulnerability
Aboreian Arborea - Righteous Anger and Passion True Sight Short damage boost at half health Mind Block Second Wind Great Sunder None
Archeron Archeron - Land of endless battle, pro melee/missile Fortification Great Sunder Second Wind Dodge Bypass Fort Bypass None
Beast Mark Beast lands - animal instincts make me stronger, faster. Dodge Dodge bypass True Sight Second Wind Fort Bypass None
Cruel Soul Gehena Plane - land of greed/ambition Acid DoT True Sight Mind Block 2nd Acid DoT See Invisibility None
Demon Soul Abyss - chaotic demon Resist Lightning/Poison True Sight On hit: Poison Poison DoT TBD Good
Elemental Fury Chaos Elemental - random elemental resistance and damage Random Elemental Resist On hit: random elemental damage rand dw/knock/fom/Fort True Sight Fire DoT None
Fey Touched Feywild - blurry, nimble and immune to enchants and illusions Blur True Sight Enchantment Ward Dodge Save debuff None
Flame Born Fire - Fire On hit: Fire Resist Fire Deathblock Fire DoT True Sight Cold
Hero’s Soul Ysgard - Valhalla ish - undying hero Fortification Dodge Deathblock Unyielding Sovereignty at half health Knockdown Immunity None
Infernal Pact 9 Hells - devil pact Resist Fire/Poison True Sight Fortification Bypass Fire DoT Vulnerability Good
Light Bearer Mount Celestia - Heavenly & lawful True Sight Unyielding Sovereignty at half health Deathblock Uncanny Aim (always strike true) On hit: Light Negative
Mark of Chaos Limbo - Chaos, I roll random effects random effect TBD random effect TBD TBD Lawful
Mark of Law Mechanus - Lawful clockworks, machine-like thinking On hit: Force True Sight Mind Block Dodge Bypass Deathblock Chaos
Pandemonium Pandemonium - I'm crazy, and I make you crazy Mind Block On hit: Slow Vulnerability on hit Healing debuff Displacement Lawful
Shadow Marked Shadow Fell....neg energy Incorporeality Resist Negative Deathblock Healing debuff True Sight Light
Skyborn Air - lightning damage/Resist and Freedom of Movement On hit: Electric Resist Lightning Freedom of Movement Electric DoT TBD Acid
Souless Carceri - My soul is locked in the prison plane, won’t you join me? On hit: Slow TBD True Sight Save debuff Uncanny Aim None
Soul of Ice Water - Freezing On hit: Cold Resist Cold On hit: Slow Cold DoT True Sight Fire
Stoneguard Earth - can't knock down and physically resistant Resist Acid Resist Pierce/Slash Knockdown immunity Vulnerability True Sight Electric
Styxian Hades - Death, despair, don’t look back… Deathblock Resist Negative On hit: Slow Save debuff Healing debuff None

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The Night Revels[edit]

Halloween crown

During the Halloween event, Champions crowns show a little jack o'lantern under the usual crown of fire.

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