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Mimic Hunt

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Get your rewards for slaying mimics!

While the Mimic Hunt event is active, any non-raid chest opened by a character level 3 or higher can become a Mimic. This includes even non-loot ones (that hold only quest items, etc.) and champion chests. You are still able to get the regular content of the chestDDO Forums, however the mimic must be killed first! The mimic may chase players, but once the mimic is killed the "loot" will be found where the chest was found.

The chance to spawn a mimic starts around 10-20% or so. Each time you don't get a mimic, the chance increases, but whenever you do a mimic, your chance to get another one decreases.* So the more chests you open, the better your chances.

(* Possibly the % resets back down to the starting value - the specifics of the math are unknown at this time.)

Good places to hunt Mimics are quests that have a high number of chests and/or can be completed quickly, such as Haverdasher, Irestone Inlet, The Kobolds' New Ringleader, or Heyton's Rest (the later only has two loot chests but also includes two chest with generic weapons than can also spawn a Mimic).

Mimic CRs vary by quest level and difficulty, but know that these mimics are much higher CR than the quest itself, and can represent a dangerous challenge every time a chest is opened - if you have not opted for the mimic repellent, be on your guard every time you open a chest!

You can opt out of the event (for chests that you, personally, open) by speaking to Glynereth and getting "mimic repellent". This has no effect on chests opened by other party members. This effect lasts until you speak to her again and have it removed (or possibly just until the end of that event needs verification).


Other changes for 2017:

  • The bank deposit boxes in the quest The Stormreaver Fresco no longer have a chance to produce mimics.
  • Players will no longer get mimics from a chest after looting the chest five times. Similar mechanics like loot ransack.
  • Mimics will not appear for a character if they are more than* four levels over the effective quest level (up to six levels over the base quest level, if running on elite or reaper), unless the quest is above level 20.
  • Instant death effects no longer kill mimics.
  • The "Mimic Frenzy" event has been removed.
*The release notes state "four levels over the quest level." It has been verified that it is actually more than four levels over the quest level. This maximum only applies to the character opening the chest, characters that are over level do not prevent a mimic from being spawned and will still receive a Mimic Token if the Mimic is slain.
  • Mimic Hunt is supposed to be a recurring event, returning 3-4 times per year.

Related items[edit]

Mimic Token
Mimic Bait
  • Icon GoldDoubloonMimic.png Mimic Token - BtA, guaranteed drop per mimic kill, thrown-in style collectable
  • Estore icon mimic bait.jpg Mimic Bait - guarantees that the next chest you open is a mimic, single use
    • Mimic Bait x1: 29 DDO Points from the DDO Store
    • Mimic Bait x5: 129 DDO Points
    • Mimic Bait x10: 195 DDO Points
    • Mimic Bait and Mimic Repellent only apply to the person who has them active, and it must be the person to open the chest


Killing Mimics awards Mimic Tokens, one per mimic killed to each party member. This only applies to event mimics, not to other mimics normally available in quests.

During the event, Mimic Tokens can be turned in to Glynereth the Mimic Hunter, who can be found in the Eberron Hall of Heroes, upper level, west side (just south of the banker and auctioneer).

She offers:

Collectable crates, 20 tokens each
Creature companions, 100 tokens each
Consumables, 20 tokens each
New items, 80 tokens each

Indomitable Wrappings (Belt)

Cloak of the Mimic

Necklace of Glib Tongue (grants bonuses to all Charisma skills except UMD)



  • 15 March - 21 March
Originally Posted by Cordovan (Contribs • Message• Cordovan) Source on March 19, 2018

The DDO game worlds will be unavailable from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern (-5 GMT) on Tuesday, March 20th to release a small update to the game. This update corrects an issue with guild chests and the Mimic Hunt, and makes a minor performance update.

The issue with guild chests and the Mimic Hunt was that guild chests were spawning CR 35 Mimics which did not provide a mimic token and made the contents of that chest unavailable for several hours.


  • 27 September - 8 October
Originally Posted by (executive producer) Severlin Source on September 28, 2017

I apologize. There was a bug fixed with mimics, but the side effect is that they are using boss scaling which makes them dangerous at low levels since they are scaled like a boss at the end of a dungeon.

We are discussing whether we can patch in adjustments next week.



  • 26 February —08 March

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