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Item:Silver Flame Hymnal

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Collectableicon SilverFlameHymnal.gif

Silver Flame Hymnal

A book of hymns from the Church of the Silver Flame. 2 Silver Flame Hymnals are desired by Chor Blast-Horn in House Kundarak.

  • Question icon.png ERROR! check the name of item!
  • Uncommon Lyric

Drop Locations

  • House quests
    • Cabinets
    • Bookshelves
  • Tangleroot part1 - just jump in and run past spiders/hobgoblins
  • Caged Trolls - check alchemy table in 1st room as well, climb up ladders, on the way to vault room (only one person per instance can check it) (seems better, did ~30 runs of TR -> 1, 5 runs of Caged trolls hitting the 2 bookcases -> 2)
  • Lair of Summoning - cabinet in front of shrine door, you can also get various collectables on the way (alchemy table, adventurer's pack and mushroom)


Collector turn in
Stone of Change Eldritch Ritual ingredient
Cannith Crafting Bound shard recipe Chaos Effect (Suffix), Striding (Suffix), Wisdom (Suffix), Electricity Lore (Suffix)
Unbound shard recipe Chaos Effect (Suffix), Striding (Suffix), Wisdom (Suffix), Electricity Lore (Suffix)