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Item:Luminescent Dust

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Collectableicon LuminescentDust.gif

Luminescent Dust

This powder leaves faintly-glowing residue on your fingers. 1 Luminescent Dust is desired by Peta Flashpin in the Marketplace.

  • Question icon.png ERROR! check the name of item!
  • Rare Pigment

Drop Locations

  • Catacomb bookshelves
  • Market quest alchemy tables


Collector turn in
  • Collector: Peta Flashpin
  • Located in: The Marketplace, Outside Lordsmarch Bank towards House Phiarlan
  • Reward:
Stone of Change Eldritch Ritual ingredient
Cannith Crafting Bound shard recipe
  • N/A
Unbound shard recipe Dwarf Bane (Extra), Vermin Bane (Extra), Bashing (Extra), Accuracy (Extra), Conjuration Focus (Extra), Vertigo (Extra), Bludgeon Effect (Extra), Magical Beast Bane (miss) (Extra), Corrosion (Extra), Reconstruction (Extra)