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Item:Fang of Siberys

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Fang of Siberys

Proficiency Class Martial Weapon Proficiency Fang of Siberys shown.jpg
Damage and Type [1d6] + 5 Slash, Good, Magic
Critical threat range 18-20 / x2
Weapon Type Scimitar / Slashing weapons
Race Absolutely Required None
Minimum Level 16
Required Trait None
Use Magical Device DC No UMD needed
Attack Mod STR
Damage Mod STR
Binding Bound to Account on AcquireBound to Account on Acquire: This item is Bound to Account on Acquire
Durability 150
Made from SteelSteel: Steel is the common metal used to make weapons and armor.
Hardness 19
Base Value 001620200016,202ppPlatinum Piece 
Weight 4 lbs
Location Reign of Madness, End reward
  • +5 Enhancement Bonus+5 Enhancement Bonus: +5 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls.
  • Peals of ThunderPeals of Thunder: This weapon is filled with the power of a storm cloud. Occasionally, this thunderous power is unleashed, applying a lasting effect that deals 2 to 8 sonic damage every two seconds for six seconds. If the effect is reapplied before it has a chance to wear off, the effect will stack and the duration will reset. The effect can be stacked up to 3 times.
  • CloudburstCloudburst: Every hit from this weapon has a chance to trigger a Cloudburst, striking its target with lightning and dealing sonic damage to surrounding enemies through a powerful thunderclap.
  • Pure GoodPure Good: This weapon is infused with the power of pure good. It does an additional 1 to 6 damage to non-good targets and can only be wielded by good aligned characters.
Fang of Siberys.png

Not upgradeable

Description A powerful and fear-inspiring blade that, though it is not in any way forged from the tooth of a dragon, is said to hold some small measure of the might of the Dragon Above. It visits the sky's wrath upon its foes.