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Scenery ShavarathPreview2 official.jpg

Type: Evil Outsider (List)

Race: Devil (List)

Sub-race: Pit Fiend (List)

Monster Manual classification: Unknown

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Boss: Purple Named - Powerful Boss

CR:  ♦30Normal ♥34Hard ♠40Elite


  • BAB: around 65 suspected
  • Physical damage:  ♦?Normal ♥?Hard ♠104.8Elite +- 11.5 (tested)
  • Poison Injury: Fortitude save, initially 1d6 Con damage, secondary death. (similar to Arraetrikos)
  • Spellcasting - See below

Special Qualities:

  • HP:  ♦~200,000Normal ♥~250,000Hard ♠~440,000Elite (pre U12 test)
  • AC: ??
  • DR:  ♦15Normal ♥25Hard ♠35Elite/Silver+Good
  • Fortification:  ♦50%Normal ♥65%Hard ♠80%Elite (Developer Confirmation)
  • Resists/Immunities: Immunity to Curses, Fire, Poison and Symbol of Weakness, Resistance to acid and cold  ♦30Normal ♥?Hard ♠60Elite
  • Spell Resistance:  ♦36Normal ♥38Hard ♠42Elite
  • Intimidate DC:  ♦60Normal ♥65Hard ♠70Elite required to succeed on a 1. Add +4 if halfling
  • True Seeing

Habitat: Tower of Despair

Description: General Horoth is feared and respected by the denizens of Shavarath as a warrior and a leader. He is a devil: sub-race Pit Fiend.

Spells Known

  • Delayed Blast Fireball 200-300 (250 avg) fire damage (elite), damage halved on reflex save, decreased by fire resist. Spell DC:  ♠28Elite or higher (tested)
  • Sunburst Spell DC:  ♠24-33Elite (tested)
  • Disintegrate - over 500 damage on failed save Spell DC:  ♠44Elite or lower (tested)
  • Banishment - will save DC 30+ ( ♠64Elite or lower ) prevents the planar banishing effect but not the stun portion, Boots of Anchoring can alternatively be worn to also prevent the planar banish effect.
  • Power Word: Stun - no save, need 450+ HP to be unaffected
  • Energy Drain (Death Ward negates)
  • Chain Lightning Spell DC:  ♠29Elite or higher(tested)
  • Meteor Swarm 20-30 (25 avg) bludgeon damage (elite), no save, unaffected by DR, 60-90 (75 avg) fire damage (elite), damage halved on reflex save, decreased by fire resist. Spell DC:  ♠30-36Elite (tested)
  • Shout Spell DC:  ♠48Elite or lower (tested)
  • Medal of Cruel Pain (icon of Inflict Wounds, spell level 8) - DoT effect, 37.9 +- 7.5 damage every 3-5 seconds, 30-50 per tick
    • "The medal sears your body and won't come off! Good job solider!"
  • Badge of Death (icon of Mindflayer, level 2) - DoT, 30-60 per tick 38.1 +- 8.7 damage every 3-5 seconds
    • "An honor bestowed on those who have died in battle. But you are not dead, yet..."
  • Honor of Fools - 39.3 +- 8.9 damage every 3-5 seconds
  • HP gain on player death - During part 3 of the raid, whenever a player dies, Horoth gains  ♦22%Normal ♥22%Hard ♠?%Elite HP. (tested)

Recommended weapon

  • Holy Silver of Greater Lawful/Evil Outsider Bane
  • Holy Silver of Pure Good/Righteousness, Paladin Holy Sword
  • Lightning Strike Greensteel Bow + Silver Ammo
  • Mineral II Greensteel
  • Lightning II Greensteel on normal/hard (Lightning II is better than lower-end DR breakers on normal)
  • Metalline of Pure Good/Metalline Flametouched Iron

Developer Confirmation

Originally Posted by DeadlyGazebo Source
(His DR is) 15/good and 15/silver; 50% fort. And of course it gets worse on Hard/Elite...