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A Player character dies if his Hit Points are reduced to -10 or less, or he is killed outright by a spell or effect (Such as failing a Fortitude save against a Slay Living spell).

Most buffs that are granted by spells will disappear on death of a player character.

When you die, a special object called a soulstone will be left where your body fell.

A player can walk around in ghost form while dead, but cannot interact with any object. The dead player cannot stray far from their soulstone, or they will be automatically transported back to their stone after several seconds.

A dead player character has six options at death to resume play:

  • They can choose to click the Release button, which removes the character from the quest and sends their soul and body, reintegrated, back to a saved spirit bind point (often a tavern)
  • While still in the quest, they can seek out a resurrection shrine
  • They can choose to ask another player use a Raise Dead-type spell or spell-like ability
  • They can eat a Siberys Spirit Cake (available from the DDO Store) while dead to bring themselves back.
  • They can use the Reborn in Light Epic Moment if they possess the Exalted Angel Epic Destiny.
  • They can activate the Cursed Blade of Jack Jibbers, if they own one and it is not on cooldown, to raise yourself temporarily as a Cursed Wraith.

If the shrine is close enough, the player's ghost can run back to click a resurrection shrine.

Otherwise, they must rely on other players (including hirelings), who can pick up your soulstone and bring it closer to a shrine, where the player can reach the resurrection shrine.

No matter where or how the player is resurrected, a death penalty is incurred on the player's statistics, which can stack while questing. The effect is similar to how negative levels affect a character.

Dead characters cannot benefit from normal or magical healing or buffing spells.

At the moment of death, all non-stacking, equipped items that your character is wearing will take a percentage of item wear. Consecutive deaths without resting will increase this percentage. Various factors can reduce this to 0% and the maximum damage from a single death is 10%. Any item wear acquired in this manner from dying has NO chance of inflicting permanent damage on your equipment when it is repaired. Items that accrue both standard item wear and death item wear will calculate their chance of permanent damage using only the normal item wear (ignoring the item wear from death itself).DDO Forums

Dead players who have the misfortune of dying where their soulstone rests in an otherwise inaccessible area (such a deep lava pool or body of water) may be forced to release to their bind point.

Players in a quest that wish to leave a quest immediately can type in /death in their chat console, which immediately takes the player to their bind point. Any quest penalties and death penalties may still apply.

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