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Critical hit multiplier

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The critical hit multiplier is the number by which the base damage is multiplied upon a confirmed critical hit. Not to be confused with critical threat - which refers to how likely you are to land a critical hit. It also affects various damage effects coming from specific weapon enhancements;

Common weapons' threat range/multiplier[edit]

18-20 19-20 20

Ways to increase multiplier[edit]

  • Competence bonus to critical hit multiplier can come from various sources. Multiple effects granting competence bonus don't stack.
    • Artificer's Battle Engineer capstone: +1 for Crossbows, Bastard Swords, Dwarven Axes, Light Hammers, Warhammers, and Morningstars.
    • Bard's Swashbuckling enhancement modifies the threat / multiplier as follows
      • Dagger, Shortsword, Throwing Dagger: +1 Threat, +1 Multiplier
      • Light Mace, Light Hammer, Kama, Sickle, Dart, Shuriken, Throwing Axe, Throwing Hammer: +2 Threat, +1 Multiplier
      • Kukri, Rapier: +1 Multiplier
      • Handaxe: +2 Threat
      • Light Pick: +1 Threat
    • Kensei's 3rd core: +1
    • Paladin spell: Holy Sword: +1 to threat and multiplier for all weapons (not shields)
    • Staff Specialization, available for Rogues and Monks, add +1 to threat and multiplier for quarterstaves
    • Knife Specialization, available for Assassins, adds +1 multiplier for daggers and kukris. Additionally, it adds +1 to threat for daggers.
    • Expert Builder, available for Mechanics, adds +1 multiplier for bows, crossbows, and thrown weapons; +2 for great crossbows.
    • Deflect Arrows available for Tempests, add +1 multiplier while dual wielding weapons (not handwraps).
    • Ninja Master, available for Ninjas, adds +1 multiplier while centered.
    • Empty Hand Mastery of Shintao monks adds +1 for Handwraps
  • Insight bonus
    • Lethality, available for Assassins, adds +1 multiplier for any one-handed weapon you are wielding (Two Weapon Fighters will get the bonus for both weapons provided they qualify).
  • Vanguard's 5th core ability increases the threat range and multiplier of your shield by 1.
  • Sacred bonus
    • Destroyer of the Dead: Clubs, Light Maces, Heavy Maces, and Morningstars you wield gain a +1 Sacred Bonus to Critical Multiplier.

Many active attacks, often coming from enhancements, feats, or epic destiny abilities, modify the critical threat and/or multiplier of a single attack. These effects usually stack with everything else.

Bug: None of the multiplier increasing effects work on thrown weapons. (Update: Probably already fixed!)

Ways to increase multiplier on 19 and 20[edit]

Multiple ways exist how to increase critical multiplier on the rolls of 19 and 20. All of these fully stack.