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Crafting Collectables

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This is a list of collectibles that are known to have crafting value. It is an abbreviated list taken from Collectable

The intention of this list is to answer the question: "Which collectibles should I think twice about trading in to collectors?" If you are looking for a specific collectible in-game to craft with, see Collectable sources.

Stone of Change Crafting[edit]

GemIcon Black.gif Adamantine Ore Collectableicon DeadlyFeverblanch.gif Deadly Feverblanch Collectableicon CrimsonNightshade.gif Fragrant Drowshood Collectableicon FuneraryToken.gif Funerary Token
Collectableicon LightningSplitSoarwood.gif Lightning-Split Soarwood Collectableicon LuminescentDust.gif Luminescent Dust Collectableicon SilverFlameHymnal.gif Silver Flame Hymnal Collectableicon SparklingDust.gif Sparkling Dust
Collectableicon StringOfPrayerBeads.gif String of Prayer Beads Collectableicon TomePropheciesOfKhyber.gif Tome: Prophecies of Khyber Collectableicon VialOfPureWater.gif Vial of Pure Water

Cannith Crafting[edit]

File:Collectableicon AcademicTreatise.gif Academic Treatise GemIcon Black.gif Adamantine Ore File:Collectableicon AdventuringOratorio.gif Adventuring Oratorio Collectableicon AmberVial.gif Amber Vial
Collectableicon AmuletOfTheLostEmpire.gif Amulet of the Lost Empire Collectableicon AmuletOfTheSix.gif Amulet of the Six File:Collectableicon AncientText.gif Ancient Text File:Collectableicon ArchaicLogbook.gif Archaic Logbook
Collectableicon BladeOfTheDarkSix.gif Blade of the Dark Six Collectableicon BlessedCandle.gif Blessed Candle Collectableicon DeadlyFeverblanch.gif Bruised Spore Pod Collectableicon KhyberPrayerPamphlet.gif Caravan Log Book
Collectableicon CeramicBowl.gif Ceramic Bowl Collectableicon ChippedBoneTalisman.gif Chipped Bone Talisman Collectableicon CrypticMessage.gif Cryptic Message Collectableicon DeadlyFeverblanch.gif Deadly Feverblanch
File:Collectableicon EncodedCommunique.gif Encoded Communique Collectableicon FuneraryToken.gif Funerary Token Collectableicon GlitteringDust.gif Glittering Dust File:Collectableicon House-SealedLetter.gif House-Sealed Letter
Collectableicon KhyberPrayerPamphlet.gif Khyber Prayer Pamphlet Collectableicon LilyPetal.png Lily Petal Collectableicon Lodestone.gif Lodestone Collectableicon MarkOfTheKeeper.gif Mark of the Keeper
Collectableicon RunicParchment.gif Mystical Formula Collectableicon CrypticMessage.gif Page Torn from a Research Notebook Collectableicon PhoenixTavernPurchaseOrder.gif Phoenix Tavern Purchase Order Collectableicon PowderedBlood.gif Powdered Blood
File:Collectableicon PropheciesofKhyber.gif Prophecies of Khyber Collectableicon ScholaryNotes.gif Research Diary Collectableicon HouseSealedLetter.gif Romantic Sonnet Collectableicon RuddyFungus.gif Ruddy Fungus
Collectableicon RunicParchment.gif Runic Parchment File:Collectableicon ScholarlyNotes.gif Scholarly Notes Collectableicon SignetOfTheDevourer.gif Signet of the Devourer Collectableicon SilverFlameHymnal.gif Silver Flame Hymnal
Collectableicon SingedSoarwood.gif Singed Soarwood Collectableicon SkullFragment.gif Skull Fragment Collectableicon PlanarCrystal.gif Small Planar Crystal Collectableicon SmallWoodenIdol.gif Small Wooden Idol
Collectableicon SmolderingEmber.gif Smoldering Ember Collectableicon BloodfeastFungus.gif Sour Darkcap Collectableicon StringOfPrayerBeads.gif String of Prayer Beads Collectableicon SweetWhitecap.gif Sweet Whitecap
File:Collectableicon TomeAlchemistsChapbook.gif Tome: Alchemist's Chapbook File:Collectableicon TomeHistoryoftheHouses.gif Tome: History of the Houses File:Collectableicon TomeMythsofOldXendrik.gif Tome: Myths of Old Xen'drik File:Collectableicon TomesCodesoftheAurum.gif Tomes: Codes of the Aurum
File:Collectableicon TomesLostSongsofCyre.gif Tomes: Lost Songs of Cyre File:Collectableicon TomeStormreachImportsandExports857YK.gif Tome: Stormreach Imports and Exports, 857 YK File:Collectableicon WarehouseLedger.gif Warehouse LedgerWarehouse Ledger Collectableicon WavecrasherCargoManifest.gif 'Wavecrasher' Cargo Manifest
Collectableicon WitheredCryptmoss.gif Withered Cryptmoss

Also Small, Medium, and Large Eberron Dragonshards can be traded for the Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments required by many high-level Cannith Crafting recipes, and the crafting materials vendors will trade Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments for Tokens of the Twelve and stat/skill tomes.