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Crafting Arrows

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This is a list of Slaying Arrows that are known to have crafting value.

The intention of this list is to answer the question: "Which Arrows should I keep or bother picking up?"

For Elemental Bane shard (20 stack):

  • Greater Elemental Bane Arrows

For Greater Bane shards (20 stack always):

  • Aberration Slaying Arrows
  • Animal Slaying Arrows
  • Dwarf Slaying Arrows
  • Elf Slaying Arrows
  • Giant Slaying Arrows
  • Gnoll Slaying Arrows
  • Goblinoid Slaying Arrows
  • Elemental Slaying Arrows
  • Halfling Slaying Arrows
  • Human Slaying Arrows
  • Magical Beast Slaying Arrows
  • Monstrous Humanoid Slaying Arrows
  • Ooze Slaying Arrows
  • Orc Slaying Arrows
  • Reptilian Slaying Arrows
  • Undead Slaying Arrows
  • Vermin Slaying Arrows

Note: "Regular" Slaying Arrows only. None of Greater Slaying Arrows will substitute above Arrows in the recipe. They don't even go into the crafting UI.