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Category:Spell Penetration items

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Legendary AdversionLegendary Reflective BloodstoneLegendary Summoner's SpectaclesLegendary Twisthallow Cloak

Arcane GlovesMysterious RingShaman's BandTainted Helm of Mystery

Arcane ShardBelt of the Seven IdealsBelt of the Seven Ideals (historic)Belt of the Seven Ideals (Level 12)Blue Dragon ScaleBlue Dragonhide ArmorBlue Dragonplate ArmorBlue Dragonscale ArmorBlue Dragonscale DocentBlue Dragonscale RobeBracelet of MadnessDragontouched ArmorElfcraft BreastplateElfcraft DocentElfcraft Leather ArmorElfcraft Plate ArmorElfcraft RobeEmerald Claw NuggetHruvayah's MedallionMystic BandRaiment of the FerventRobe of the MagiScepter of Mad TrickeryShaman's BandSpinneretStormreaver's NapkinThe Mad LuteTorc of Prince Raiyum-de IIWizard's WardWizard's Ward (Level 16)Wizard's Ward (Level 17)Wizard's Ward (Level 18)

AdversionBelt of the Seven IdealsBelt of the Seven Ideals (Level 13)Belt of the Seven Ideals (Level 14)Belt of the Seven Ideals (Level 23)Belt of the Seven Ideals (Level 24)Belt of the Seven Ideals (Level 25)Bracers of the GlacierDragontouched ArmorEpic Green BladeEpic Hruvayah's MedallionEpic Shaman's BandEpic Torc of Prince Raiyum-de IIFlawless Blue Dragonhide ArmorFlawless Blue Dragonplate ArmorFlawless Blue Dragonscale ArmorFlawless Blue Dragonscale DocentFlawless Blue Dragonscale RobeFour EyesMagewright's SpectaclesReflective BloodstoneRestored Elfcraft BreastplateRestored Elfcraft DocentRestored Elfcraft Leather ArmorRestored Elfcraft Plate ArmorRestored Elfcraft RobeShimmerStaff of the Golden WizardStaff of the NecromancerStaff of the PetitionerStormreaver's TableclothSummoner's SpectaclesTwisthallow CloakVibrant Purple Ioun StoneVibrant Purple Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)War Wizard's BracersWizard's WardWizard's Ward (Level 23)Wizard's Ward (Level 24)Wizard's Ward (Level 25)Xachosian Eardweller

Sage's Cuffs (Level 26)

Epic Four Eyes


Legendary ShimmerLegendary Spinneret


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