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Category:Monster Manual/Fire Elemental

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Name Image Farm Locations
Ancient Fire Elemental Ancient Fire Elemental.png
Anur-Shub Anur-Shub.jpg
Blistering Fire Elemental No pic.jpg
Bound Fire Elemental No pic.jpg
Corrupted Fire Elemental Corrupted Fire Elemental.jpg
East Flame Guardian (Fire Elemental) East Flame Guardian (elemental).jpg
Elder Fire Elemental Elder Fire Elemental.jpeg
  • Sands of Menechtarun — CR  ♦12Normal
  • Chains of Flame — CR  ♣12Solo/Casual ♦12Normal ♥?Hard ♠17Elite ♣?Epic Casual ♦?Epic Normal ♥?Epic Hard ♠?Epic Elite
  • Maraud the Mines — CR  ♣12Solo/Casual ♦12Normal ♥14Hard ♠17Elite, DR  ♣5/-Solo/Casual ♦5/-Normal ♥10/-Hard ♠15/-Elite
  • Zawabi's Revenge — CR  ♣?Solo/Casual ♦?Normal ♥?Hard ♠?Elite ♣?Epic Casual ♦?Epic Normal ♥31Epic Hard ♠?Epic Elite
  • Foundation of Discord — CR  ♣SoloSolo/Casual ♦NormalNormal ♥HardHard ♠EliteElite
  • Mount Reysalon — CR  ♦17Normal, DR  ♦5/-Normal
  • In the Demon's Den — CR  ♣SoloSolo/Casual ♦NormalNormal ♥HardHard ♠EliteElite
  • Eyes of Stone — CR  ♣SoloSolo/Casual ♦NormalNormal ♥HardHard ♠17Elite
Fire Elemental Fire Elemental.jpg
Fire Elemental Door Guardian No pic.jpg
  • Inferno of the Damned — CR  ♣CasualSolo/Casual ♦NormalNormal ♥HardHard ♠21Elite
  • Subversion — CR  ♣CasualSolo/Casual ♦NormalNormal ♥HardHard ♠21Elite ♣Epic CasualEpic Casual ♦Epic NormalEpic Normal ♥Epic HardEpic Hard ♠Epic EliteEpic Elite
Firenze Firenze.jpg
Flame Guardian Flame Guardian.jpg
Frenzied Fire Elemental Frenzied Fire Elemental.jpg
Greater Fire Elemental Greater Fire Elemental.jpg
  • Haywire Foundry — Two before entering the foundry, two after exiting the foundry. Epic DR:  ♦?Epic Normal ♥15Epic Hard ♠?Epic Elite
  • Sands of Menechtarun — CR  ♦9Normal
  • Stromvauld's Mine — (CR  ♣9Solo/Casual ♦9Normal ♥11Hard ♠14Elite, DR  ♣5/-Solo/Casual ♦5/-Normal ♥10/-Hard ♠10/-Elite) - Two spawn on the upper level if you try to stay there to range Boro Charldon and Milos Baran
  • Tempest's Spine — (CR  ♣N/ASolo/Casual ♦9Normal ♥?Hard ♠?Elite, DR  ♣N/ASolo/Casual ♦5/-Normal) - At the start; after disarming the fire trap
Greater Flame Guardian No pic.jpg
    Guardian of Flame Guardian of Flame.jpg
    Hell Fire Hell Fire.jpg
    Large Fire Elemental Large Fire Elemental.jpg
    Nodeborn Fire Elemental No pic.jpg
    North Flame Guardian (Fire Elemental) North Flame Guardian (elemental).jpg
    Prodigal Fire Elemental Prodigal Fire Elemental.png
    Raging Fire Elemental No pic.jpg
    Searing Fire Elemental No pic.jpg
    Smolder Smolder.jpg
    South Flame Guardian (Fire Elemental) South Flame Guardian (elemental).jpg
    Spirit of the Hearth Spirit of the Hearth.jpg
    Summoned Fire Elemental Summoned Fire Elemental.jpg
    Temple Fire Elemental Temple Fire Elemental.png
    Turun-Palo Turun-Palo.jpg
    Volcanic Elemental No pic.jpg
      West Flame Guardian (Fire Elemental) West Flame Guardian (elemental).jpg

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