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Category:Monster Manual/Beholder

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Name Image Farm Locations
Ancient Beholder Ancient Beholder.jpg
Antimagic Shadow Beholder Antimagic Shadow Beholder.jpg
Armored Beholder No pic.jpg
Beholder Beholder.jpg
Beholder Boozer Beholder Boozer.jpg
Beholder Fleshmender Beholder Fleshmender.png
Beholder Priest No pic.jpg
Boktar the Elder Beholder Boktar the Elder Beholder.jpg
Chaos Beholder Chaos Beholder.png
Cholthulzz Cholthulzz.jpg
Cygl'ghax Cygl'ghax.jpg
Dartak Dartak the Beholder.jpg
Elder Beholder Elder Beholder.jpg
Eye of Shadow Eye of Shadow.jpg
Frost Beholder Frost Beholder.png
Garellek Garellek.png
Grokien No pic.jpg
Groktin Groktin.jpg
Guardian of Xy'zzy Guardian of Xy'zzy.jpg
Iograxllozx Iograxllozx.jpg
Iorrat Iorrat.jpg
Ir'gorthulzz No pic.jpg
Kardin No pic.jpg
Knizzlenak No pic.jpg
Malluur Malluur.png
Memnezerez Memnezerez.jpg
Nurse Ratchet Nurse Ratchet.png
Opuloxx the Indomitable Opuloxx the Indomitable.png
Prikta Pritka.jpg
Pykzyl Pykzyl.jpg
Quixxellops Quixxellops.png
  • Delirium — (CR ) - Lose the drinking contest.
  • Acute Delirium — (CR  ♦20Normal ♠30Elite) - Optional fight after you force him to vomit and return to his normal size.
R'zzix the Beholder R'zzix the Beholder.jpg
Razzrex Razzrex.png
Tahareh Tahareh.jpg
The Right Eye The Right Eye.png
The Wrong Eye The Wrong Eye.png
Watcher of Xy'zzy No pic.jpg
Xignaxak Xignaxak.jpg
Xoriat Orb Xoriat Orb.jpg
Young Beholder Young Beholder.jpg
  • Acute Delirium — CR  ♦NormalNormal ♥HardHard ♠EliteElite
  • Delirium — CR  ♦NormalNormal ♥HardHard ♠EliteElite
  • In the Flesh — CR  ♦NormalNormal ♥HardHard ♠17Elite
Z'miizith Mister Smythe3.jpg

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