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Category:Guard items

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Golem's Heart

Battered Phiarlan ShieldGuardian's Gauntlets (Level 26)

Bracers of WindBracers of Wind (level 15)Dragontouched ArmorEpic Bracers of WindEpic SiroccoEpic WhirlwindVentilated ArmbandsVentilated Bracers

Breastplate of the Celestial SageOutfit of the Celestial Guardian

Blasting ChimeBlasting Chime (Level 15)Broken Music BoxEpic Blasting Chime

ChaosgardePlanar GirdRemlin's Step

Barnacled BucklerDragontouched Armor

Epic Infested ArmorInfested Armor

Dragontouched ArmorEpic Boots of CorrosionEpic Vulkoorim Dervish RobeFleshshaper's BrigandineFleshshaper's Docent

Dragontouched ArmorEpic Ring of the MireGorgon ArmorGorgon DocentGreater Stalwart Trinket

Dragontouched ArmorEpic Rock BootsEpic Stonemeld Plate ArmorRock BootsRock Boots (Level 15)Ward Token

Dragontouched Armor

Epic Marilith ChainLegendary Bracers of the Sun and Moon

AntithesisChord of ReprisalsCinder's DanceEpic Red Dragonhide ArmorEpic Red Dragonplate ArmorEpic Red Dragonscale ArmorEpic Red Dragonscale DocentEpic Red Dragonscale RobeGuardian's BracersGuardian's Bracers (Level 26)Thrall of the Fire Temple

Epic Cloak of Ice

Chill of WinterChill of Winter (Level 13)Chill of Winter (Level 23)Chill of Winter (Level 24)Chill of Winter (Level 25)Dragontouched ArmorEpic Frozen Plate

Dampened Frozen Plate

Legendary Bracers of the Sun and Moon

Cobalt GuardSanctified GagesVile Blasphemy

Epic Hammer of Life

Epic Envenomed Cloak

Black Dragon ScaleBlack Dragonhide ArmorBlack Dragonplate ArmorBlack Dragonscale ArmorBlack Dragonscale DocentBlack Dragonscale RobeCrimson ChainEpic Emerald GuardEpic Scales of SuretyFlawless Black Dragonhide ArmorFlawless Black Dragonplate ArmorFlawless Black Dragonscale ArmorFlawless Black Dragonscale DocentFlawless Black Dragonscale RobeGiantcraft BreastplateGiantcraft DocentGiantcraft Leather ArmorGiantcraft Plate ArmorGiantcraft RobeRestored Giantcraft BreastplateRestored Giantcraft DocentRestored Giantcraft Leather ArmorRestored Giantcraft Plate ArmorRestored Giantcraft Robe

Celestial OakEpic Mournlode FullplateEpic Shield of Tireless AidLevik's DefenderMournlode Fullplate (level 16)Shield of Tireless Aid

AntithesisFrozen Plate

Ward Token

Epic Red Dragonhide ArmorEpic Red Dragonplate ArmorEpic Red Dragonscale ArmorEpic Red Dragonscale DocentEpic Red Dragonscale RobeEpic Robe of FireEpic Tinder

Cloak of Night (Level 12)Cloak of Night (Level 16)Cloak of Night (Level 20)Cloak of Night (Level 24)Cloak of Night (Level 4)Cloak of Night (Level 8)Drow PiwafwiToken of the Proven (level 13)Token of the Proven (level 28)

Rock BootsRock Boots (level 3)Rock Boots (level 7)

CandlelightMournlode Breastplate (level 12)Mournlode Breastplate (level 4)Mournlode Breastplate (level 8)Mournlode Chain (level 12)Mournlode Chain (level 4)Mournlode Chain (level 8)Mournlode Docent (Level 12)Mournlode Docent (level 12)Mournlode Docent (level 4)Mournlode Docent (Level 4)Mournlode Docent (Level 8)Mournlode Docent (level 8)Mournlode Fullplate (level 12)Mournlode Fullplate (level 4)Mournlode Fullplate (level 8)Scarlet Scarab PowderTouch of the Silver Flame

Epic Templar's BastionEpic Templar's DocentTemplar's BastionTemplar's Docent

Epic Litany of the Dead

Epic FlintEpic Storm

Dragontouched ArmorEpic Helm of the Red Dragon

Dragontouched Armor

Legendary Bracers of the Sun and Moon

Cloak of Night (Level 16)Cloak of Night (Level 20)Cloak of Night (Level 24)Lucid DreamsNight Hag's Heartstone

Bracers of the Sun and Moon

Bracers of the Sun and Moon

Bracers of the Sun and Moon

Bracers of the Sun and Moon

Envenomed Cloak

Dragontouched ArmorEpic Full Plate of the RingleaderEpic Sacred HelmEpic Templar's BastionEpic Templar's DocentEpic Vambraces of Inner Light

Glorious DawnGlorious Dawn (Level 14)Glorious Dawn (Level 15)Glorious Dawn (Level 16)Glorious Dawn (Level 25)Glorious Dawn (Level 26)Glorious Dawn (Level 27)Legendary Bracers of the Sun and MoonShield of MorningShield of Morning (Level 17)Shield of Morning (Level 18)Shield of Morning (Level 19)Shield of Morning (Level 26)Shield of Morning (Level 27)Shield of Morning (Level 28)

Blasting ChimeBlasting Chime (Level 11)Blasting Chime (Level 7)Dampened Robe of DissonanceLevik's DefenderResonant Guard SuitRing of ResonanceRobe of DissonanceStormsinger Cloak

Cloak of the MimicCloak of the Mimic (Level 28)

Epic Rock BootsRock BootsRock Boots (Level 11)Rock Boots (Level 15)Shield of Reflecting

Dragontouched Armor

Beholder Plate ArmorBeholder Plate Docent

Bramble-CastersCreation Forge DocentEpic Bramble-CastersKnife Toed BootsLegendary Knife Toed Boots

Ann Velsing's BeltDark Scarab PowderEerie Scarab PowderEpic Coronation ShieldEpic Mournlode BreastplateEpic Mournlode ChainEpic Mournlode DocentEpic Mournlode Docent (Level 20)Epic Mournlode FullplateEpic ResplendenceKaelth's TouchMournlode Chain (level 16)Mournlode Docent (Level 16)Mournlode Docent (level 16)Mournlode Fullplate (level 16)ResplendenceRighteous BracersSignet of the Silver Flame

Barnacled Buckler


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