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History shield-book-sword.png
History shield-book-sword.png
This page is about a quest that no longer exists in-game.
If you can verify that the quest still exists, please edit this page and remove this template.


The bounty system was removed from the game with the introduction of Module 10: Eberon Unlimited.

Bounty Bags can be received at[edit]

  • The Harbor, near Harbormaster Zin's house and the fountain
    • Stormreach Harbor 1 Bounty
    • Stormreach Harbor 2 Bounty
    • Stormreach Harbor 1 Trophy
    • Stormreach Harbor 2 Trophy
  • The Harbor, at the entrance of The Cerulean Hills
    • Cerulean Hills Bounty
  • Inside The Waterworks
    • Waterworks Bounty

Each bounty worth 300XP.

You can receive these only once per 10 hours and per a post, even when you complete the missions your timer won't reset.

If you delete the bounty bags from your inventory without completing or finding the items, you will not be given a new bounty bag, as well.

Known Bounties[edit]

  • Narsatch's Wrist Guards
  • Kisslor's Spear Tip
  • Calamity's Poison Sac
  • Madooroh's Morningstar Hart
  • Kraskuth's Spice Jar
  • Zizoo's Shriveled Skull
  • Brakash's Shoulder Spike
  • Kutik's Leg Wraps
  • Murat's Smashed Club Handle
  • Karnatch's Knee Guard
  • Rhakmel's Shoulder Plate
  • Gnashtooth Bloodletters Belt Buckle

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