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The Land of Barovia

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DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: Mists of Ravenloft
This adventure area is vast, and it includes villages, lakes and outer area of Castle Ravenloft itself

In D&D lore, Barovia is a mountain valley within the fictional Balinok mountains. The terrain is densely wooded and the climate is one of frigid winters. The valley hosts a small village (also named Barovia), over which looms Castle Ravenloft, ancestral seat of vampire ruler Count Strahd von Zarovich. The location is loosely based on the real world Transylvania.

In DDO, The Land of Barovia is a Wilderness Adventure Area introduced with the Mists of Ravenloft expansion. Two variants exist, heroic (level 10) and legendary (level 30).

Accessing the area[edit]

To access the area for the first time, you must first complete Into the Mists introductory quest located in House Jorasco or Eveningstar.

Once you complete the quest, you can enter the wilderness directly from House Jorasco or Eveningstar.

Alternatively, Bottle of Mist, exclusively available with Mists of Ravenloft ultimate bundle, allows to teleport to Barovia from any location.

Public areas and quests[edit]

There are three small public area hubs within Barovia:

  • Van Richten's Tower
    • Has banker, merchant and spirit binder, and NPC vampire hunter for the contact quest

Quest givers located in the actual wilderness area:


  • Slay 10 creatures in The Land of Barovia: 445 XP = 44.5 xp/kill
  • Slay 25 creatures in The Land of Barovia: 606 XP = 24.24 xp/kill
  • Slay 50 creatures in The Land of Barovia: 835 XP = 16.7 xp/kill
  • Slay 100 creatures in The Land of Barovia: ? XP = ? xp/kill

Rare Encounters[edit]

  • Slay Oleg Lipsiege Phantom Warrior
  • Vanquish Adrim Terrastar, Vampire Spawn
  • Dismantle Strahd's Animated Armor
  • Slay Echo of Vasily Drazkoi, Flameskull
  • Slay Ravensbane, Scarecrow
  • Slay Rootrot, Shambling Mound
  • Slay Darkshard of Limbo, Death Slaad
  • Unknown
  • Vanquish Magda Meatcarver, Barovian Witch
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown


Strahd's Journal (Epic)[edit]

1st to 15th

Tatyana's Journal (Epic)[edit]

1st to 15th

Ireena's Journal (Epic)[edit]

1st to 15th