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Ancient Elven Relic

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Ancient Elven Relics[edit]

Ancient Elven Relics can be obtained by completing The Crucible, A Cabal for One or Feast or Famine. At the end of each quest, you have a chance to loot one or more relics. The Crucible offers a chance to loot one to three relics per chest. As of Module 8, relics can also be found in rare encounter chests in Ruins of Gianthold wilderness adventure area.

  • Nine Elven Relics Relics were needed to gain access to Gianthold Tor and The Reaver's Fate until Update 17 when the requirement was removed.
  • Five Elven Relics can also be used to repair various kinds of Blue Dragonscale Armor. This was reduced from ten Relics as of Module 5.
  • Dragon, Elven & Giant Relics can be used to purchase Augment crystals from Ruskin Blackboot (Level 12, three of each) or Meliager Ei'n (Level 16, six of each)

Elfcraft Armor[edit]

By turning in ten Elven Relics to Elfcraft Apprentice Hoorunoe in Gianthold, he will craft one of these for you.

All Elfcraft Armors share the following properties:+4 Enhancement Bonus+4 Enhancement Bonus: +4 enhancement bonus to Armor Class., Spell Penetration II Spell Penetration II: Passive: +2 Equipment bonus to Spell Penetration checks., Spell Lore IIISpell Lore III: Passive: All of your spells gain a 3% Equipment bonus to their chance to critical hit., Potency +40Potency +40: Passive: +40 Equipment bonus to each Spell Power., MithralMithral: Mithral armor is one type lighter then normal. Arcane Spell Failure decreased by 10%. Maximum dexterity bonus increased by 2. Armor check penalty reduced by 3. (breastplate/plate armor only)

Historical versions[edit]